If MDM is Superman, MAM is Batman. (You decide who’s cooler.)

Rob Patey wrote a blog post earlier this week equating Mobile Device Management with the Man of Steel himself. He conjures up cool imagery, with mobility playing something of an IT nemesis — but a noble nemesis that will ultimately benefit users.  As he says:

Users aren’t trying to overthrow ITs sovereignty as part of some nefarious scheme, they are merely trying to get more work done...

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Prepare your business (or CV?) for brand-new tech roles by 2017

Academics from Bath Spa University in the UK have fast-forward to the near future, and taken a look at new roles likely to become common among global businesses.


As we move ever closer to a completely technology reliant world, new jobs will require fulfilment; whilst many of the traditional vocations we know today will disappear.

To stay relevant and modern; businesses need to look ahead at advancements which can help their interests remain ahead of the competition.

Anyone who believes they are in the...

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BYOD encourages out of office working, says survey

More than half of US and UK workers see bring your own device as a ticket to doing work away from the office, according to the latest survey from Cint in conjunction with FluidSurveys.

BYOD has, of course, been seen in many lights and many sectors. Opinion is divided on whether it’s a cost saver, but one aspect which now seems fairly concrete is BYOD as a productivity tool.

This, of course, is linked back to employee happiness – a productive worker is a happy worker, after all – yet this...

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How can shadow IT be an enabler for enterprises?

As companies increase in size, it becomes ever apparent that a one size fits all security solution is not going to work in all cases.

It’s the age-old issue of keeping secure whilst improving innovation. Sure, your 10 year old hardware is easier to lock down than a series of devices on different specs, but it’s hardly a good image for companies going forward – and it won’t impress your employees either.

What’s the solution? Well, traditionally the idea of ‘shadow IT’...

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Careless employees are “greater security risk” than cybercriminals

A report published this week by Check Point has revealed that, for two in three companies, their own employees carry a greater security threat than cybercriminals.

The startling finding, from the latest mobile security report polling nearly 800 IT professionals, comes amidst the continued rise of BYOD, with more and more methods of compromising company networks being found.

Indeed, it’s not the devices that are the main asset, but the information stored on them. 63% of survey respondents do not manage...

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Is your favourite app in the top 10 blacklisted enterprise apps?

Fiberlink, the enterprise mobility provider responsible for the MaaS360 software, has come up with research from millions of devices under its remit as to the least popular apps for enterprises – and cloud storage provider Dropbox was the number one banned app for both iOS and Android devices.

As reported by ZDNet, Dropbox was a presence across the board for blacklisted apps, but curiously also appeared in the top 10 iOS whitelisted apps. That’s not the case for Facebook, Netflix, SugarSync and...

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Wi-Fi issues need to be solved to unlock enterprise mobility gold

Wi-Fi is the most disruptive technology in terms of mobile work, leading to employees working longer hours, and getting more done in the process.

That’s the top line takeaway from the latest iPass Mobile Workforce Report, for Q2 2013. 14% of mobile workers have never paid for Wi-Fi access, whilst nearly a quarter (24%) have paid upwards of $30 for one-time access.

71% of those polled said they research hotspot and connection availability before they embark on a business trip, with Asia Pacific workers...

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Windows 8 will be passed over as enterprise standard, warns researcher

According to the latest report from Forrester Research, enterprises will bypass Windows 8 as the enterprise PC OS of choice.

Avid readers of this site will not see this as a huge surprise; infact, Enterprise AppsTech reported Forrester’s – and specifically Johnson’s – opinion on the issue as far back as November.

Yet, with the report now released, it solidifies industry opinion – has Microsoft bitten off more than it...

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Gartner: 50% of companies will expect BYOD by 2017

Analyst house Gartner has waded in to the BYOD conversation, forecasting that by 2017 half of organisations will stop giving their employees work devices.  

The report, “Bring Your Own Device: The Facts and the Future”, examines all facets of BYOD strategy: the number of employees on personal device policies, as well as the cost per employee and the age old question of who should own what in the agreement.

Most definitions of a BYOD strategy remain similar, yet Gartner breathlessly calls it...

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Dell reinvention continues with mobility management offering

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software

Dell Software’s sweet spot is the mid-enterprise market, with lower cost solutions that are relatively new to the market and can offer the latest technological developments without being encumbered with legacy systems to support. At Dell’s recent analyst day in San Francisco, mobility was the one of four pillars of Dell’s strategy. The others were cloud, Big Data, and security. With BYOD well established within enterprises there is an urgent need for managing corporate...

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