Cloudera plots its path forward with enterprise data hub strategy

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Information Management

Two years ago, we wondered what Hadoop would be when it grows up. Back then, it was a matter of what were the components that defined the Hadoop stack. Today, the question is more about Hadoop’s role in the enterprise analytics ecosystem.

At the recent Strata/Hadoop World conference in New York, Cloudera announced a new enterprise data hub strategy. More than an update of the enterprise data warehouse, the hub becomes the logical...

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Is Splunk a company in transition with Hunk release?

Big data cruncher Splunk has today announced the general availability of its Hunk analytics product, which is a full-featured integrated analytics platform for Hadoop.

Just a few weeks after the announcement of Splunk Enterprise 6, the availability of Hunk gives the company’s ecosystem a more rounded offering, with the platform built on patent pending virtual index technology.

Like Splunk 6, Hunk allows all departments of the...

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Oracle catches tailwind in mobile BI space

Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Software – Information Management

Oracle recently released its new Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, a platform that allows users to create HTML5-based mobile BI applications in a drag-and-drop environment. This addition to the Oracle BI suite is welcome but overdue. Until recently, Oracle has treaded behind its competitors when it comes to mobile functionality. However, the company is rapidly catching up, which it needs to do because mobility is no longer just a “nice to...

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Splunk unveils Enterprise 6, unlocks data analytics for whole business

Big data darling Splunk has released the latest iteration of its enterprise platform, which gives all facets of the workforce the chance to access key data and operational intelligence.

The move takes a step towards business commoditisation, bridging the gap between IT and the rest of the organisation.

“We understand that the most successful organisations in the world give equal access to the data, regardless of skill level, to drive smart decisions that have true business impact,” said Splunk CEO...

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What does MAM mean to organisational operations? In a word: Efficiency

As part of our continuing series on defining MAM beyond technical terms, we’re taking close looks at its impact on various functions throughout an organization. Last week we talked about MAM and marketing. This week, let’s dive in to how MAM is proving to be a catalyst for faster, more efficient operations throughout an organization.

If you set the wayback machine to those dark, dire days of pre-mobility —...

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KXEN brings power of prediction to SAP business users

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Software – Information Management, Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst, Software – Information ManagementSAP’s proposed acquisition of KXEN – a predictive analytics vendor that has extensively marketed its solutions to line-of-business users, not data scientists – is a necessary competitive move and provides a promising addition to SAP’s analytics arsenal. SAP has not disclosed terms of the deal, which is expected to close in Q4. Hard work lies ahead: SAP must still...

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Oracle business analytics roadmap has mileage

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Information Management

Oracle has never lacked ambition or technology in the business analytics space, but it has now been challenged to pull together a broad portfolio of tooling, applications, and platforms into a cohesive platform strategy. At an analyst summit held recently at its headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, Oracle outlined a roadmap for connecting its business analytics assets and aligning them to specific historic, operational, realtime, and predictive analytics use cases....

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Mobile BI not being utilised, yet companies see its potential

Whilst more than half of organisations surveyed were mulling over a mobile business intelligence (BI) strategy, only 8% have taken the plunge and gone for it.

That’s the finding from business process intelligence provider Jaspersoft, whose latest survey of over 500 community members prompted some intriguing results.

Even though less than one in 10 companies polled had mobile BI in place, a whopping 85% said they realised the advantages of such a strategy.

But what would these advantages be? According to a study by...

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Acquisitions are driving Dell deeper into BI and analytics

Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Information Management

Dell has issued a new wave of releases aimed at the business intelligence (BI) and analytics market. Dell’s goal is to chase mid-market firms where BI is a greenfield opportunity. Winning market share in this highly competitive space will be a challenge for Dell (like any other BI vendor), but its hardware business already has a foothold in the mid-market and it could generate some cross-sell opportunities for software and vertical industry-oriented professional...

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