How smart is your corporate network?

By Adrian Thirkill, Easynet’s UK Managing Director

IT has undergone a major reputation overhaul over the past five years, emerging from the murky help desk basement into the mainstream. The mass adoption of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites, and the devices driving this, are hugely responsible.

Whether it’s a pointless but amusing app that makes your voice sound like you’re underwater, or the arguably more useful banking-on-the-move app, when octogenarians are...

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Enterprise segmentation is ripe for transformation

By Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, Enterprise PracticeAs traditional wireline revenues continue to decline and new services such as mobility flatten it is even more important to find new ways to segment enterprise customers. Most telcos put a great deal of effort into understanding consumer trends and building sophisticated marketing plans for the consumer market, and they need to make a similar investment in the enterprise space. New segmentation could drive transformation channel programs, prompt a redesign of direct sales...

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One tablet generates as many web hits as four smartphones

One tablet generates as many website visits as four smartphones according to data from Adobe’s Digital Index Report.

Q1 of 2012 saw smartphones account for 6.1% of site visits compared to 4.3% on tablet. However smartphones only maintain a greater share of website visits due to the lower penetration rate of tablets.

Future Tablet Growth

Share of website visits from tablets grew approx. 10 times faster than the rate of smartphones within two years of market introduction and grew more than 300% in the...

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Rich media and video are driving mobile ad spend

click_to_video_smallAdvertisers need compelling reasons to shift budgets across media channels; here are a few for starters from our CMO, Paul Childs…

Mobile advertising spend is growing fast, actually very fast according to IAB US/UK/Spain mobile ad spend reports for 2011. In the UK alone, mobile ad spend grew 140% YoY from...

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How We Use Tablets and Smartphones – Infographic

How are we interacting with our mobile devices? The following infographic, produced using research from Forrester, highlights the key differences between consumers relationships with their tablet and smartphone devices. It found that:

Tablet Devices Used Mainly in Bedroom and Living Room

  • 88% of tablet usage is done in the living room
  • 79% of usage is done in the bedroom
  • 24% of tablet owners use their device at work

Tablet owners mainly used their device to browse the web (88%), checking emails (84%) and playing games (72%). Furthermore:

  • 55% of...

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uTest Infographic: Which Android Devices Rock Apps

Do you play games on your SEMC Xperia Play? Are you a news junkie with an LG Optimus 2X? How do sports apps work on your Samsung Infuse 4G? Ever get frustrated with the music app on your HTC Thunderbolt?

In our newest uTest Infographic we let the Android Market app reviews do the talking to find out which devices reign supreme (and which fall flat) in the  major app categories.

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Smartphone Usage Growing Amongst Teenagers

About one in four US teens report owning a smartphone according to the latest PEW report.

The report highlights how US teenagers are interacting with their devices:

  • 23% of those aged 12 – 17 state they have a smartphone and ownership is higher among older teens: 31% of those aged 14 – 17 have a smartphone, compared with 8% of youth ages 12 -13
  • 16% of teens have used a tablet to go online in the 30 days whilst smartphone owners are the most likely to be tablet...

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