Launching a Game App? Don’t Ignore Windows Phone 7

Yesterday, Microsoft launched the long-awaited Xbox UI upgrade – aka the “metro” interface – along with the Xbox Companion app. If you haven’t seen it yet, go here.

Anyway, it seems that the folks over at Windows Phone know a thing or two about their user base. Mainly, that they are more likely to download games than any other type of smartphone owner. Here’s one of a great series of infographics from...

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Android Market reaches 10 billion app downloads

Google’s Android Market has exceeded 10 billion app downloads.

According to the Official Google Blog, it estimated that the growth rate is now at around 1 billion app downloads per month.

According to figures, the download rate is expected to accelerate. It took nearly 2 years for Android to reach 1 billion downloads after its launch, but since July this year the number increased by 5 billion in...

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Google Chrome overtakes Firefox to be second popular web browser

Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox in the stakes to become the top Internet browser in the world, but both are still behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Google’s browser has 25.69% of the worldwide market, which increased by nearly 5% since 2009. Firefox has reached 25.23%, whilst Internet Explorer still has the lead with just over 40% of the...

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How to make apps better marketing tools

Key advice for brands using apps as marketing tools from the Apps World Europe show this week.

  • Analytics: You wouldn’t build a website without analytics, so why do it with an app? There are tools out there that you can build into an app from the start that will tell you who’s using it, when, and how. Going to a developer without any idea of who your audience might be or how they’d like to interact with you via an app puts you on the back foot immediately.
  • Objective: Too many brands and businesses go to developers with very little idea of what they want to achieve. What is your objective in creating a...

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Windows Phone Marketplace gets 40,000 apps, but still plays catch up

Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace now holds over 40,000 apps, with many coming from different publishers, according to unofficial figures.

Research by the blog, All About Windows Phone, found that 165 items are added to the app store on average each day. Around 68% of submissions were free apps, with 23% being paid. Only 9% were paid apps but with a free trial.

It’s estimated that the

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