Embracing the third phase of iOS in the enterprise

iOS 7 kicks off the third phase of iOS in the enterprise  - Mobile First transformation through apps.

Phase I - the “Listen” phase – of iOS in the enterprise started in the summer of 2009. Employees were knocking on IT’s door saying “I want an iPhone,” and, for the first time, it was a realistic request because the iPhone 3GS was now encrypted. Companies, sometimes willingly and sometimes not, began to consider iPhones for corporate email. Many started small iOS pilots.

Phase II – the...

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BlackBerry seeks breathing space with shareholder buyout

Nick Dillon, Senior Analyst, Devices & Platforms

Troubled handset maker BlackBerry has entered into a provisional agreement to be purchased by a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings, the company’s largest shareholder. If completed, this move would see BlackBerry return to private ownership after 16 years on the NASDAQ stock market. In theory such a move should give the vendor more breathing space in which to assess its options beyond the gaze and interference of the stock market, although any...

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What your current application systems vendor won’t tell you about mobility

Cross-enterprise mobility is offering huge opportunity for change, enabling businesses to run more efficiently and effectively as a result. Yet there are many things your current application systems vendor won’t tell you about mobility. In an interview with Alan Williams, CTO of BlinkMobile, we reveal what questions to ask to ensure you won’t get caught out.

The importance of cross-enterprise mobility

Smartphones and tablets offer not just the chance to go mobile but to use the...

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Why enterprise mobility is more than just hardware and software

Recently I presented at CEBIT and explained why Enterprise Mobility is more than just hardware and software. For those of you who couldn't attend here is an overview of the presentation: Enterprise Mobility is not new, it has been around for many years in one form or another. There are plenty of early adopters out there and experienced exponents will tell you that Enterprise Mobility is more than just software and hardware. Enterprise Mobility is a journey undertaken by business to realise the benefits of a mobile workforce.Why Mobilise?Enterprise Mobility is about getting efficient use out of your mobile workforce and the technology available to them. People who perform work away from the desktop...

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Survey shows continued Wi-Fi frustration for mobile workforce

It’s that time of year again: iPass has released its quarterly Mobile Workforce Report, which concludes that, for business travellers, their expectation of a hotel Wi-Fi service and what they actually get leads to “an enormous disconnect.”

With the continued rollout of 4G occupying most enterprise’s thoughts, it’s easy to forget how important Wi-Fi can be for the mobile worker, especially with spurious business travel arrangements.

The report sheds light on this issue, and finds...

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Okta receives $27m in latest round of funding, aiming globally

Enterprise identity management service provider Okta has concluded its latest round of funding at $27m, and wants to build up more momentum in the European market.

The round, a series D, was led by previous investor Sequoia Capital, with the list of participants looking like an enterprise venture capital who’s who: Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners and Khosla Ventures.

This is the second funding drive for the San Francisco company in a year, with the series C round bringing in approximately...

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Is the PC really dead? Intel doesn't think so

Intel Says The PC Is Not Dead: What Might The Future Of Personal Computing Look Like?

I am known for being a mobile enthusiast: I currently own seven mobile devices between tablets and smartphones, and I recently bought a Sony Vaio Duo hybrid laptop/tablet.

While I may look like Mr. Mobile, the truth is that what really excites me isn’t mobile, but innovation, so when I saw Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s comment that PCs are alive and...

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Mobile a big priority for enterprise, yet implementation still a struggle

It’s a story we’ve often heard before. Large companies desperately want mobility, then realise it’s not an easy rollout process. But what can be done from here?

This latest survey comes from OpenMarket, who enlisted the help of Forrester Consulting to grab interviews with 167 mobile channel decision makers on how their mobility journey is coming along.

The findings subsequently come as something of a slowdown. Nearly half (43%) of respondents said they had concerns that IT couldn’t...

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MobileIron VP strategy Ojas Rege on BlackBerry’s future and the changing CIO

The face of the traditional enterprise is in a constant state of change. As recently as three years ago, big companies would hand out BlackBerries to their employees, with the CIO calling the shots from the boardroom.

Now, with BlackBerry’s turbulent spell and the ever changing role of the CIO, change is as good as a rest.

Ojas Rege, VP strategy at MobileIron, is a firm believer that the magic is only just starting to happen regarding mobility strategy.

Speaking to Enterprise AppsTech, Rege described...

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