Facebook launches instant messaging mobile App

Facebook has launched a instant messaging mobile app for smart phones to allow users to message on the go in what they claim is a "simpler and faster" way to communicate. The app, called Facebook Messenger launched yesterday in the US. It integrates Facebook service Messages and aggregates a user’s chat, email and texts into a single, continuous thread. This enables users to send messages to friends or contacts in their phonebook in either a text or notification form while photos and locations can also be added to messages.Unlike...

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Orange and iPhone to offer free film app

Orange customers will soon be able to download a free film each week via a new iPhone app, thanks to a partnership between the mobile giant and Apple.

Orange: Film to Go is set to launch on 11 August and will be supported by a multi-platform advertising campaign which illustrates films being watched 'on the move' via various devices including laptops and mobiles.

In order to access the free service, customers will simply need to text the network provider, visit a dedicated Facebook page, www.facebook.com/orangefilmclub, or use a mobile...

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Last Week in Mobile…

Amazon to sell 4 million tablets in 2011

Its a fairly bullish position that Amazon have taken and it seems more than likely a bankable one … the shift to tablet computing that we’re seeing daily should in itself be enough to propel sales, but when combined with their de facto status as online leaders of e-commerce you have a powerful proposition.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of their App Store strategy which will see users being able to run apps in an online simulator before...

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38% of Mobile Consumers in US Own Smartphones – Nielsen

The US smartphone market is continuing to grow, states the latest survey from Nielsen.

According to Nielsen’s May survey, 38 percent of the mobile consumers in the US now own smartphones. 55 percent of those who purchased a new handset in the past three months stated they had brought a smartphone instead of a feature phone; up from 34 percent a year ago.

Of the US smartphone market, 38...

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Mobile marketers struggling to demonstrate ROI

A new study from King Fish Media has shed light of the state of the current mobile marketing industry, revealing that while the channel is popular for customer relationship building, many brands are struggling to effectively measure ROI.

Sponsored by Maxymiser, HubSpot and Junta42, the survey found that only a third of companies have any kind of mobile marketing plan in place, while among the rest, two thirds are planning to implement some kind of strategy in the next twelve months.

The study also found that...

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This Week in Mobile…

Apple move to protect developers

Last week saw Lodsys try to enforce in-app payment patents against App developers and not against the platforms themselves … This week saw Apple reply with words akin to “not on our watch”.

Surely Lodsys saw this coming? We speculated as to what Apple’s reaction might be, but in hindsight it’s obvious. EVERY platform’s success hinges on an active developer community, so Apple weighing in should come as no surprise.

I think Android and...

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This Week in Mobile…

Blackberry launch the new Playbook … and promptly issue a recall


So RIM get their iPad beater to the US and Canadian market and then have to issue a recall due to a faulty operating system! Initially it was thought 900 devices were affected, although RIM later issued a public statement stating 1000 of the 16Gb models had been affected. Not a good omen, but I still...

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App Usage on Smartphones & Tablets

A study conducted by mobile analytics firm Zokem outlines how application usage differs between smartphone and tablet devices, and also compares the time spent using apps compared to web usage.

Unsurprisingly, the results found that application use is more popular than using web browsers on both smartphone and tablet devices. Smartphone users access a web browser 15 percent of the time whilst tablet users access one 39 percent of the time.

Interestingly the study also...

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How Are Consumers Interacting With Smartphones?

35 percent of smartphone users access information on their devices before getting out of bed, according to a recent study conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab, with 18 percent checking their social network accounts before starting their day.

The study also provides insights into how smartphone users interact with their devices and when:

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