Mobile apps for the enterprise

You don’t need anyone to tell you that mobility is critical to enterprise productivity, collaboration and profitability. You realize, too, that the strategic, long-term value in mobility lies in applications. Desktop apps (like Sharepoint, LiveLink and SAP) where data resides behind the corporate firewall, have been driving business for years now, and making those apps move – literally – is where it’s at.

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Mobilising the military: What are the pitfalls?

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According to reports, the US Defence is looking further at BYOD solutions to mobilise the mobility, ensuring security of communications is paramount and improving productivity.

As reported by the Federal Times, a pilot operation will aim “to examine the viability of a BYOD program within the military.”

No specific timeline was given, but according to the report any BYOD-friendly device for military personnel would be heavily locked down. It’s likely that these...

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FeedHenry CEO Cathal McGloin on Red Hat sell: We needed to go big or go home

Yesterday, news broke that open source tech firm Red Hat had acquired mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) provider FeedHenry. The move plays into Red Hat’s needs to increase its footprint in the mobile space, as well as FeedHenry’s desires to increase its bidding power globally.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The two companies had been working “long and hard” and “intensely” on this deal for the past four months
  • Originally Red Hat and FeedHenry spoke of...

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New study emphasises need for enterprise-wide mobile strategy

Mobile enterprise provider Kony, in association with IDC, has released results of a survey which show that most businesses lack an enterprise-wide mobile strategy.

Less than one in five (16%) of companies have what is described as a “clear, enterprise-led approach to mobility”, according to the researchers. Yet the vast majority (93%) of companies with a mobility approach that features the whole enterprise say they have greater success than firms which go for a departmental-led approach, for...

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How cyber attacks ran rampant at the 2014 World Cup

After a month of fierce competition, exciting matches, and phenomenal goals, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has finally concluded. While Germany is celebrating another impressive victory and the world looks back on what turned out to be a thrilling tournament, it’s also important to look at some of the less than fantastic behind-the-scenes details.

The world may be moving on, but Brazil is only beginning to recover after several months of damaging cyber attacks. Being one of the biggest...

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The mobile revolution that needs to happen in football

Alongside the goals, saves and controversial ‘falls’ (bites), the use of goal-line technology and magical vanishing spray are two technological innovations which have got people talking during this World Cup. The likes of cricket, rugby and tennis have been using technological innovations for years, and it is great to see football beginning to follow suit. However, players in Rio are facing a difficulty you would not expect in the modern, mobile age – how to manage contract signings during...

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The solution to “shadow IT”

In users’ minds, IT no longer needs to look complicated and if it does than you’re doing it wrong.  But users have no real understanding of network security, data protection laws or the current threat environment.  It’s better to guide and support your users while giving them the tools they want.

“Shadow IT” is the trend for enterprise users making use of IT services that have not been approved by corporate IT.  It covers a broad range of use cases, from employees...

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How iOS 8 accelerates the mobile first journey

Whenever Apple introduces the latest and greatest version of iOS, the jaw-dropping consumer features tend to hog the spotlight. And for good reason. But with the recent release of iOS 8, Apple has demonstrated just how serious it is about enterprise mobility. Mobile First organizations, take notice: iOS 8 is designed for you.

As expected, the list of new features in the latest release is massive. And while many of these features are designed to take end-user productivity and consumer creativity to ever-greater heights, iOS...

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Enterprise IT must adapt to the “mobile first” world

Richard Absalom, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Mobility

The shift to the “mobile first” enterprise will have as big an impact as the introduction of the web. There are 1.6 billion smartphones alone in the market and the number of connected devices is set to see further step change growth through multi-device ownership, including tablets and new wearable devices such as glasses, sensors, and watches enabled by machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.

This proliferation of devices, and the notion that they are a new...

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