The best way to measure the ROI of your enterprise mobile app

Despite the increasing interest in mobile apps at the enterprise level, we’ve realized something interesting in our time within the industry: many companies have no idea what it costs to create and support an app (for the record, from development, to testing, to support, an app could cost in the ballpark of $50-100 thousand over its lifetime).

And yet, we know that every business decision is based on ROI (or if it isn’t, it should be). Companies are for-profit, and their decisions should always be...

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MWC 2014 roundup: Enterprise mobility

MWC 2014 was characterized by a focus on enterprise. Although there were consumer device and service launches, the sheer number of booths promoting services to business customers was astounding. They pervaded every hall, and IT vendors outnumbered telcos.

There is no doubt that MWC is increasingly a major vehicle for enterprise mobility vendors to secure business.

Those vendors have been busy. The overall sense Ovum gained from conversations with many is of even fiercer competition than ever – and...

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Google offloads Motorola Mobility as Lenovo rises up consumer tech leaderboard

Tony Cripps, Practice Leader, Devices and Platforms

Google has sold its Motorola Mobility handset business to China-based Lenovo in a deal valued at $2.9bn. The announcement comes only 18 months after Google bought the ailing mobile phone pioneer, which had slipped from being the global number two handset vendor to an also-ran over the previous five years. It also came the day after Ovum was briefed by Lenovo COO and EVP Gianfranco Lanci.

While Motorola Mobility has begun to show signs of recovery, vertical...

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GEMA CEO Nicholas McQuire: The top 5 CIO strategies for 2014 #MWC14

The mobile enterprise is moving at a rapid rate – everyone knows that. But what are the key strategies underpinning this trend?

Nicholas McQuire, CEO of the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), has seen a lot of this before, having studied the enterprise mobility space for the best part of 15 years. Yet even he is amazed by the pace of transformation today.

“It’s shifted from CIOs looking at mobility as functional and siloed technology, to something that’s far more pervasive and...

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How (not) to screw up your enterprise mobile app

Quinton Wall, Director, Platform Technology,; @quintonwall

Consider these three wrong ways to develop enterprise apps - and avoid them

Most enterprise mobile apps have a long way to go before they can be considered great mobile apps. Unfortunately, apps often fail for the same reasons over and over, with organisations neglecting to see the problems before it's too late. Soon, user adoption plummets, shadow apps (those not approved by IT) become commonplace and your business...

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Microsoft CEO needs to “concentrate on mobile”, says Gartner

Gartner has looked into its crystal ball once more, and this time come up with a fairly rudimentary conclusion: Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella needs to focus on mobility and being an established “innovative, disruptive force in IT.”

This vision has been prophesised by, well, pretty much every analyst going. Yet Merv Adrian, research vice president at Gartner, puts a bit more meat on this bone by advising customers Microsoft won’t move away from its ‘devices and services’...

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Why mobile-first companies leave the door open for the competition

Let’s face it, there are apps these days that are always in the news… for good or for bad. You know some of the ones I’m talking about – Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, Angry Birds, Shazam, and the list goes on.

So why are these apps always in the news? Because the businesses that created them are app-centric…meaning the apps are the business.

These businesses were born in the mobile-era, so they revolve around their mobile apps and invest heavily in them. While these apps may be wildly...

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Mobility is the future - and it’s going to be everywhere

What’s the definition of mobility?

If you ask me, that question used to be a lot easier to answer. We had our standalone PCs, and then we had cell phones, and eventually, smartphones—but that was it. There was a static element in the PC, and a mobile element with the smartphone, but there wasn’t a whole lot of connection between the two.

Now, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The cloud means that we’re always connected—and not just our phones and PCs. Google’s

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How the #TubeStrike has affected the mobile workforce

For the past two days, London’s underground has practically come to a standstill as the strike by Tube workers has caused chaos in the English capital.

While most hardy workers attempt to get to their offices through crowded buses, taxis and even boats, it brings to light the issue of remote working – an alternative for those who want to remain productive while wisely avoiding the nightmare commute.

A lot of it depends on whether your immediate superior approves, but this week has shown a spike in...

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