Four enterprise mobile issues from Enterprise Apps World advisory board

For the majority of issues in the mobile enterprise, it’s not the technology but the employees which are the biggest problem.

That was the highlight of an entertaining and incisive advisory board session for the Enterprise Apps World event in June featuring several enterprise mobility experts.

Present at the start of the roundtable were Bill Limond, Former CIO at the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and a long-time friend of Apps World, Ashley George,...

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How to embrace the change in secure mobility

While take-up of non-BlackBerry mobile solutions in the private sector has been rapid, the public sector has largely remained in the BlackBerry era.

However, recent pressure from end users and the availability of other secure, comprehensive alternatives has prompted the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance (or CESG) to develop and release mobile ‘End User...

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Cisco goes “mobile-first” with the acquisition of

Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst, Ovum Enterprise IT

On December 17, 2013, Cisco announced the acquisition of, a cloud-based team collaboration platform founded in 2011. is a mobile-first collaboration platform designed to unify messaging, document sharing, and task management.

Cisco believes the acquisition will enable it to extend the reach and range of its market-leading WebEx videoconferencing and unified communications platform, as organizations re-tool their employees...

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Enterprise mobility: How to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet

The requirements are done, the vendor is selected, and the project kicks off. Once you’ve gone through the RFP process, secured funding, and selected a solution and/or vendor for the mobile enterprise project, you’re ready to get started right?

Not quite, there’s still one more step, and that’s to get everyone on the same page.

This is easier said than done as you’ll need to involve both internal, and often external, experts covering areas such as:

  • Business knowledge
  • Backend/existing systems
  • Network communications
  • Infrastructure/Server teams
  • Security, fraud, risk teams
  • Standard Operating Environment
  • Telecommunication...

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Shine on you crazy mobile enterprise: 6 predictions for 2014

2013 is OVER! Enterprise mobility is truly HERE! My caps lock is STUCK! So let’s check the crystal ball for 2014.

Why six predictions? Well, I didn’t want filler just  to get to the traditional ten, and the sixth predication was TOO good to omit to chop it down to five.

So here we go: The unquestionably reliable crystal ball of enterprise mobility recommends that CIOs get ready for some big changes as...

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Why a mobile IT platform matters

By Sean Convery

As you’d expect, we're spending a lot of time talking to customers as we finish out the year. Many of them are making plans to further ramp up their Mobile IT deployment in 2014 and they are making investments now. We're always interested in the specifics of their deployments but if we’ve heard one thing consistently this year, it is the central role played by our integrations...

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ZTE moves into enterprise game, embraces “era of mobile ICT”

Chinese telco ZTE has reshuffled its management pack amid a greater focus on mobile devices, operators and enterprise.

The company announced in a release that it will channel greater resources into these “pillar businesses”, as well as expand focus into metropolitan public IT systems, new energy technology and mobile internet.

ZTE’s mobile device division will be under the charge of executive VPs Zeng Xuezhong, with senior VP Pang Shengqing heading up ZTE’s enterprise wing. Zhao...

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Beyond BYOD: Mobile first strategies for business

LOL, ROFL, BRB – as online acronyms go BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has plenty of competition for most overused phrase on the internet, and with good reason too. BYOD is unquestionably changing the way we work as our mobile devices are becoming integral parts of who we are as people, not just employees.

However a business that can’t look beyond that acronym is dramatically undervaluing the way a mobile first strategy can transform its business.

We know productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction can be...

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Report reveals the 7 biggest trends in enterprise mobility for 2014

A report published by the Enterprise Mobility Exchange has shed light on the biggest lessons learned from successful enterprise mobility implementations, and come up with seven trends for 2014 and beyond.

The 29-page report looks at the entire enterprise mobility landscape in 2013, and makes several interesting conclusions; BYOD will remain at the top of the boardroom agenda, cloud will become increasingly important, whilst data will increasingly become the hallmark of a...

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Why 2014 is the year when the customer becomes your financial advisor

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

IT has officially gone mainstream: geek chic graces fashion magazines and CTOs wear their high-vis jackets with pride as they become increasingly high-profile in their organisations.

A company’s IT strategy - and the resulting spend - is fundamental to the performance of its business operations. It doesn’t just support a business, it drives a business and defines its success.

Analysts are agreed that organisations are likely to have more money...

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