How is enterprise mobility rollout taking shape in the UK?

A research report from IFS has revealed that enterprise mobility schemes are happening “quickly” in the UK because of business benefits – with security concerns often being overlooked.

The report, which covered 200 UK-based CIOs and IT managers, focused on the state of enterprise mobility, why companies are investing – or not – and the most popular applications used.

Primarily, UK enterprises are investing in mobility solutions because it enables a more...

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Salesforce and the banking industry align as both bet on mobility

Jaroslaw Knapik, Senior Analyst, Financial Services Technology

For bankers, mobility has become key. Customer-facing mobile banking applications are increasing the flow of traffic through digital channels, which is eroding traffic in bank branches. But it does not stop there: the mobile-enablement of services to increase the productivity of banking employees and drive sales effectiveness in remote locations is also on the rise.

The digital channel revolution is having a significant impact on banking via...

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SAP’s Adrian Simpson: Usability key for enterprise mobility in 2014

According to SAP UK & Ireland chief innovation officer Adrian Simpson, the future of enterprise is not just about the mobile platform, but more on UX.

Ovum has recently released its enterprise mobility predictions for 2014, with three key hallmarks: the move for business towards full mobile-first; the necessity to update corporate mobility policies; and proclaiming 2014 to be “the year of mobile enterprise...

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What are the obstacles developers face with enterprise mobile apps?

The new wave of mobile operating systems and hardware, that’s consistently expanding and evolving, leaves mobile application developers frequently scrambling to ensure their apps’ adaptability and functionality across numerous platforms. Businesses ranging in size rely more on workers and professionals accessing valuable, sensitive, and important business information on the...

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Why we need a multi-channel mobile strategy

This is an extract from my presentation at the Global Enterprise Mobility Forum on the 12th November 2013; the actual presentation can be found here.

With the continuing rise of mobile devices in the enterprise, it’s easy to focus on building apps or a website that allows users of mobile devices to access their important corporate processes. The problem is that businesses get stuck between the rock of “one size fits...

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Microsoft survey reveals how willing employees are to embrace mobility

A recent survey by Microsoft has revealed that more than a quarter of workers work in bed, whilst nearly half have worked whilst on holiday.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, sheds light on employee habits in the ‘always-connected’ generation and finds that staff are willing to work almost anywhere.

Some eye-opening highlights in the research included:

  • Nearly one in five (19%) respondents admitted they had worked while they were going to the bathroom
  • 20% of parents surveyed said they had been working whilst attending their child’s...

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Analysing BYOD 2.0, COPE and what it means for the enterprise

With Ovum’s enterprise mobility flashpoints for 2014 being published earlier this week, Enterprise AppsTech talks with Neil Cohen, VP marketing at Visage Mobile, and Richard Neale, CTO of Esselar, to discuss the future of mobility and the BYOD ecosystem

“I want to wipe off the notion of saving money on BYOD as a strategy,” says Neil Cohen, VP marketing at telecoms expense management provider Visage Mobile. “It...

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Guidewire broadens its strategy – and gains competitors – with BI

Barry Rabkin, Principal Analyst, Insurance Technology

Guidewire began doing business in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry in 2001 with a focused mission and strategy. The vendor’s mission was, and still is, to serve only the P&C insurance industry, and its strategy was focused on legacy core system replacement. At Connections 2013, its annual gathering of P&C insurance customers, it announced the expansion of its strategic focus to include data management in legacy system...

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Mobile enterprise apps drive mobile working into a new era

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact Technology

Mobile enterprise apps is a hot topic and an area receiving a growing level of investment, according to our research into mobile consumerization, “bring your own device” (BYOD), and enterprise mobility management (EMM). Mobile application management (MAM) is a nascent part of the still-immature overall EMM market, but it is an exciting space that we expect will see huge growth, especially if the growth in mobile device management (MDM) services...

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Mobility top priority for seven in 10 organisations, says survey

A new survey from Citrix has revealed that, for seven in 10 (71%) of large enterprises, they see incorporating mobility as a “top priority” for their business, with 63% adding it was the most important factor in keeping their organisation competitive.

The survey of 1700 senior IT decision makers, conducted by Vanson Bourne, comprises an overall report entitled ‘Citrix Mobility in Business’ which examines global mobility trends in a snapshot:

  • 71% of companies surveyed “allow, accommodate and encourage” BYOD
  • Android is “by far”...

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