Two days a week wasted on HR reports, survey finds

A new report from SuccessFactors has revealed that organisations are spending on average 17 hours a week producing HR reports, leading to worryingly inefficient workforces.

Nearly three quarters (72%) of those polled said their employees were “increasingly dispersed”, whilst only 23% believe their HR system “always delivers data sufficient for their needs”.

The increasing consumerisation of IT is seen as a primary factor in this disparity. As the workforce increases, the number of...

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The reality of mobile data: Unreliable...even where you might least expect it

Here at 5app we have been conducting some tests to determine the real-life data connectivity that the public can expect from mobile data networks. The results surprised us:

  • Even on major motorways there are sections with no data connection;
  • You can still fail to make a connection even in central London due to congestion;
  • You may get several different IP addresses over a period of time;
  • Requests that do work can take over a minute to respond;
  • Data doesn’t always get through.


We used a mobile phone to run a web page that uses GPS to detect your current location. Every 10 seconds...

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Oracle catches tailwind in mobile BI space

Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Software – Information Management

Oracle recently released its new Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, a platform that allows users to create HTML5-based mobile BI applications in a drag-and-drop environment. This addition to the Oracle BI suite is welcome but overdue. Until recently, Oracle has treaded behind its competitors when it comes to mobile functionality. However, the company is rapidly catching up, which it needs to do because mobility is no longer just a “nice to...

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Why offline access is a game-changer for enterprise mobility

We are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology and the internet in our daily business lives, and a large part of our software and data now resides in various cloud-based services. The question of what happens when we don’t have internet access has been downplayed, but I believe the technology has now progressed to a level of both sophistication and ubiquity that makes offline access more than just a “nice to have”.

Why offline is needed

Cloud evangelists like to argue that we’ll soon be...

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Splunk aims for broader audience, grabs mobile opportunity

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Information Management

Splunk recently executed several moves to broaden its audience, deepen its Big Data access, and target the Internet of Things. At its annual user conference, the company announced the release of Splunk Enterprise 6, which features a new Excel spreadsheet-like pivot capability, and the acquisition of BugSense, a cloud-based quality-assurance monitoring tool for mobile applications. That followed last summer’s announcement of Hunk, Splunk’s new...

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AirWatch: How to find the right enterprise mobile solution #AppsWorld

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, or so the ancient proverb goes. Many C-level executives may feel that the journey needed to fully mobilise their enterprise may be similar, but there are many ways to go about it.

The problem is of course, that the game is changing so quickly it’s difficult to keep up.

Ian Evans, EMEA managing director at AirWatch, who will be at Apps World Europe on October 22-23, notes that his company...

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A checklist for enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise technology is facing a major change, as increasing numbers of staff rely on mobility to do their jobs. This is a seismic shift which affects every part of the business, as we have moved from mobility being a strongly controlled and locked-down experience on a corporate-issued device to a world in which any given employee might be using one or more corporate-owned devices, a smartphone or tablet they have brought to work as part of a BYOD scheme, or even a privately-owned device that corporate IT has no...

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AT&T’s major enterprise theme is mobile first

Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, EnterpriseOne of the major themes of AT&T Business Solutions’ annual analyst summit in Dallas in September 2013 was “mobile first.” This positions AT&T ahead of most large carriers, especially because many are still trying to integrate their wireless and wireline businesses. AT&T is realizing its mobile strategy by continuing to invest in enterprise mobility management services and applications. The operator also focused on its open network (APIs), strategic...

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