Intel focusing on enterprise app space #AppsWorld

Intel is using its Intel Developers Conference this year to push towards enterprise apps and engaging developer communities.

And according to the computing giant, this year will see huge leaps in the enterprise app space.

“We think 2013 is the year of the enterprise app,” writes Intel in an industry view, adding: “CIOs from most industries will be accelerating their efforts to expose their enterprises to the exciting mobile ecosystem.

“They will explore new ways of enabling and empowering customers, developers and employees. Having said that, many enterprise initiatives will still be constrained by issues of incompatible legacy services, cloud integration, developer engagement, and most importantly security and compliance.”

This is where Intel’s API (application programming interface) manager comes in, addressing the most important concerns for CIOs and developers and resulting in backend compatibility to deliver enterprise apps “in minutes”.

“APIs currently bridge between enterprises and developers in the mobile ecosystem – that’s where we really want to bridge the gap between enterprise and developers,” said Satish Talluri, senior manager of strategy and business development at Intel, speaking to Enterprise AppsTech.

The workshop, at Apps World North America, will concentrate on issues affecting both enterprise app evangelists and developers, and features contributions from app developer Appcelerator and API infrastructure provider Mashery.

The provisional timetable involves building an enterprise app store and creating an enterprise app in 15 minutes, utilising ‘write once, run anywhere’ multi-OS interoperable SDKs; alongside more developer-centric discussions including focusing on mobile middleware and the benefits and challenges of HTML5.

CIOs were recently polled by Gartner as to their tech priorities for 2013, with mobile forecast to be the most disruptive technology this year – and this move from Intel certainly targets that space.

“We have a solution and we’re trying to make it more developer friendly by embracing the ongoing partnership with the likes of Mashery and Appcelerator,” explained Talluri, adding: “You get the comfort of enterprise grade security, and at the same time you get the API management.

“Every CIO is thinking how exactly he should plan this strategy to really attract good developers.”

Find out more about the Intel Developers Conference and workshop at Apps World North America, San Francisco, February 7-8 here.

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