New study emphasises need for enterprise-wide mobile strategy

Mobile enterprise provider Kony, in association with IDC, has released results of a survey which show that most businesses lack an enterprise-wide mobile strategy.

Less than one in five (16%) of companies have what is described as a “clear, enterprise-led approach to mobility”, according to the researchers. Yet the vast majority (93%) of companies with a mobility approach that features the whole enterprise say they have greater success than firms which go for a departmental-led approach, for instance.

Evidently it’s not on these days to give the best smartphones to the C-suite, and the rest can whistle. Yet an overall integrated approach gives greater mobility benefits for organisations. Smarter, faster decision making, improved organisational efficiency, cost savings, better customer interaction and increased revenue were all given as reasons for having an enterprise-wide rollout.

Similarly, security and compliance (40%) were noted as the biggest challenge to companies.

The paper discusses in its rubric how today’s businesses need to incorporate user experience into its mobile strategy, simply noting “the power struggle is over: end users emerge victorious.”

“Aside from contemplating the specific technical complexities of mobile application development, companies should also think about how current business processes may need to shift so that the requirements of each of the major stakeholders are taken into consideration,” it adds.

Yet fragmentation, as well as the high number of operating systems being shoehorned in to the policy – not to mention desktop OS and Internet of Things adoption – is still a major headache. It’s no wonder compliance was seen as such a big issue.

The researchers also advocate mobile-first development as being key, adding how vital this is because end users need to be top of mind – “design from the experience in, not the data out”, as the report advises.

“Today, companies currently have an unprecedented opportunity to shift to a mobile-first business model that will improve business performance while engaging customers, business partners, and employees in new ways, improving productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty,” the researchers write.

Going full tilt into enterprise-led mobility, IDC and Kony argue, is the best way to do it.

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