What the pros use: Top apps of business executives

Mobile applications are helpful just about anywhere – and that includes the boardroom and the corner office. Indeed, high-powered business executives can use apps to take notes, organize expense accounts, and keep track of the PGA Tour during meetings. BYOD policies are here to stay and whether you're a CEO or on your way up the corporate ladder, you may find one or all of the following apps to be beneficial.


When you say hello to Trello, you get an app that will plan out your immediate, short-term, and long-range business tasks. With each assignment that it lists, Trello will notify all of the people who are involved so that they'll remember what they need to accomplish. Further, once a certain duty has been completed, you can move it from the "to-do" column to the "done" section. Trello is also a terrific tool for informing staff members of your company's landmark achievements. Best of all, this app keeps every piece of information safe and secure.


Nowadays, the typical company has dozens or hundreds of online accounts and as many if not more passwords. Plus, it's easy for passwords to get changed without key people realizing it, and some passwords are forgotten entirely. Those circumstances can be disastrous if you must get into a certain account right away. Passpack, however, can alleviate such difficulties. On this app, you and your employees can store all of your accounts and passwords, and they'll be strongly protected. That way, you'll be able to access any account in an instant to find the information that you need or to conduct an audit.

Dark Sky

Whether a company picnic or a major business trip is coming up soon, you probably have a keen interest in meteorological forecasts. Dark Sky allows you to stay informed about the weather in straightforward, detailed, and fun ways. You can review maps and charts, receive accurate information about rain, snow, and temperature shifts, and find out when storms and other dangerous atmospheric conditions are on their way.

Finally, be aware that you can increase your office's productivity level by letting employees bring their own mobile devices to work. That way, they too can utilize time-saving apps. Nevertheless, you must ensure that they're not mishandling sensitive data on those gadgets. Thus, it's wise to research different Bring Your Own Device programs, which will give you the tools that you need to manage your staff's mobile device usage.


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