EyeLock enters into licence agreement with Qualcomm for mobile security suite

EyeLock, an iris-based identity authentication technology provider, has entered into a licence agreement with Qualcomm Technologies for Qualcomm Mobile Security.

The company, a subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation, is developing iris authentication solutions that are designed to work with Qualcomm’s Mobile Security suite, and to benefit OEMs across the entire IoT spectrum from one of the secured iris authentication implementations available in the market.

The Qualcomm Mobile Security is basically designed to protect devices from security threats. Built upon the strength of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platforms, the Mobile Security’s authentication framework is developed to provide multilevel security by bringing together a hardware-level solution with software for robust biometrics security.

The newest Qualcomm Mobile Security components include camera security, hardware token and malware protection for the latest security measures.

Sy Choudhury, senior director of product management at Qualcomm Technologies, said: “By 2018, most premium and high-tier smartphones released in the world will include biometrics, and this trend will expand in the future to lower-tier smartphones, connected cameras, and many other IoT devices. Qualcomm Camera Security is designed to provide maximum security for the most personal information – the iris biometric template, the key to all data. We believe the camera security implementation provides a solid foundation for the EyeLock solution and helps accelerate the utilisation of iris biometrics.”

At the most recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, EyeLock and Qualcomm exhibited a device that features fast iris recognition at a comfortable arm's-length distance. It used the Qualcomm Camera Security interface with dedicated processing and encryption to sign, store and execute matching of mathematical templates of an iris biometric.

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