Juniper forecasts in-flight Wi-Fi services to proliferate by 2022

In its recently released whitepaper titled “The Top 4 Disruptors of In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity”, Juniper Research has projected that commercial aircraft adopting in-flight Wi-Fi services will reach 14,419 globally by 2022. The prediction is up from an estimation of 5,243 in 2017, which means that over half of the global fleet will offer such services in 2022, compared with just under a quarter in 2017.

The increase is mainly driven by the impact of the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, despite increased security concerns from several governments, primarily the US, which has given rise to the so-called 'laptop ban'.

Juniper’s another report titled “In-Flight Entertainment & Wi-Fi Connectivity: Technologies, Business Models and Key Players 2017-2022” states that in-flight wireless streaming is increasingly being offered as an IFE (in-flight entertainment) option, based on a lower installation cost and weight savings versus seatback systems. This will drive the in-flight entertainment revenues to rise by 30%.

As many vendors already providing combined wireless streaming and Wi-Fi connectivity services, Juniper predicted that wireless streaming will replace seatback in-flight entertainment on most short haul flights, with seatback IFE being increasingly reserved for longer flights with premium carriers. Based on these factors, the research firm is anticipating the monthly in-flight entertainment revenues to rise by 30% on average per aircraft over the forecast period.

In addition, Vdopia, a global leader in mobile video advertising, has launched a BYOD functionality to its Chocolate SSP, which is an end-to-end mediation platform that creates sustainable business revenues with industry leading CPMs and Fill Rates. The platform offers universal auction technology, combined with unified reporting, single-point billing, MOAT viewability reporting, branded video demand and support for all major video ad formats & ad networks.

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