WebEx most popular enterprise app says MobileIron – yet organisational bad practices remain


WebEx is the most popular enterprise app installed by MobileIron customers, with Dropbox, Facebook and WhatsApp among the most frequently blacklisted, according to a new report.

The study, the enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider’s third Mobile Security and Risk Review report, also found that almost 80% of firms are using more than 10 apps for business, with almost one in five (18%) using Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) – a number which goes up in areas such as government and healthcare.

Yet that was where a lot of the good news disappeared. MobileIron argued several key areas have seen no uplift since the previous report six months ago; almost three in 10 firms polled (29%) have at least one out of date policy, while just over half (55%) say they consistently enforce security policies and less than 5% of respondents deploy anti-malware on mobile.

The percentage of companies who have out of date policies has gone up from 27% in Q2. “Out of date policies happen when the mobile IT administrator has changed a policy on the console but that change has not been propagated to all of the devices being managed,” the report notes.

“This is usually a result of user behaviour. For example, users may have a devices that they use infrequently or receive a new device and stop using their old device, resulting in scenarios where a device either connects infrequently or ‘fades away’, preventing it from receiving updates.”

The report also examined the top installed and blacklisted apps. Behind WebEx as the most frequently installed app were AnyConnect and Concur, while Angry Birds – yes, people seemingly do still play it – was the most frequently blacklisted app ahead of Dropbox and Facebook. Globally at least, no app had the dubious distinction of appearing on both lists.

“This edition of the Mobile Security and Risk Review shows that apps are not only critical to business, but that employees around the world rely on these tools for parts of their jobs that were once relegated to the desktop, such as presentations and spreadsheets,” said James Plouffe, lead security architect at MobileIron in a statement.

You can find out more about the report here.

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