Majority of mobile collaboration firms will support chatbots by end of 2017


More than half of mobile collaboration providers will support chatbots in their offerings by the end of 2017, according to new analysis from Aragon Research.

The company evaluated 16 major mobile collaboration providers as part of its Tech Spectrum report on the topic, and found that while ‘several’ companies analysed already have chatbot capabilities more will follow before the year’s end.

“Messaging, the core of mobile collaboration, is becoming a top priority in the enterprise. But enabling collaboration via mobile is not enough – it also needs to be secure and in the near future, increasingly automated via chatbots,” the company notes.

The prevalence of chatbots in making enterprise tasks more efficient is growing increasingly pronounced. Andy Farmer, founder and director of enterprise app development firm MyOxygen, wrote in this publication back in November on how mundane processes could be enhanced. “The future of AI will become so smart, it will become your work assistant; a reliable access to all your data and a conduit of information delivering only relevant data when you need it,” he wrote.

This was also cited by Kia Behnia, CEO of PowWow Mobile, in a piece last month on how app trends are becoming ‘smarter’. “As chatbots begin to trend in the enterprise, they will take on the role of the personal assistant to the user, eliminating poor usability and making them straightforward and simple,” Behnia said. “Most development teams are already turning to chatbots to improve one or two small but necessary tasks.”

“The need to communicate quickly and securely is what mobile collaboration is all about,” said Jim Lundy, Aragon Research founder and CEO. “Aragon is predicting that mobile collaboration will challenge email over the next five years as messaging becomes a mission critical application for the enterprise, and one that can automate many tasks, including knowledge deliver, in ways that email can’t.”

You can find out more about the report (registration required) here.

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