Office 365 most popular enterprise app with Zoom fastest growing, says Okta


Office 365 increased its lead as the most popular application in the Okta network last year, ahead of Salesforce and Box, according to the company’s latest Businesses@Work study released today.

The latest report, which is the third edition of the company’s study into workplace trends, pulled data from thousands of Okta customers, from small businesses to enterprise, representing millions of authentications. The primary trend, alongside the apps data, was that 16% of customers polled do not use Microsoft Active Directory, or any lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) as almost all businesses move to the cloud. This trend is even more pronounced in small businesses, where the number reaches more than 30%.

“It’s clear that technology is playing a bigger role than ever before as nearly every company thinks about how they become a technology company in their own right,” the report states. “Our data tells us that the responsibility for these initiatives is falling at least in part on the CIO. It doesn’t just manage employees anymore – they manage entire ecosystems of employees, customers, partners and distributors.”

The most disruptive app from the previous year’s study was Slack, whose rise in the workplace has been covered in this publication and has been described by Okta as ‘nothing short of jaw-dropping’. Slack is now in the top 10 Okta apps, which is meteoric considering it was ranked 67th two years before. Naturally, the report notes the race continues to be run. Even though those which have been disrupted, such as Yammer and Skype, are suffering, the introduction of Microsoft Teams could change things next year; Slack took out a full page advert in the New York Times in November to coincide with the launch of Teams.

The one breakout star in this year’s report however is undoubtedly video and web conferencing platform Zoom, which earlier this week secured $100 million in series D funding and a billion dollar ‘unicorn’ valuation. Zoom was by some distance the fastest growing app (by 67%) according to the report, ahead of Cisco Umbrella (47%) and Slack (44%).

Either way, the report makes trends which were dug out a couple of years ago now seem inexorable. “IT will never be the same,” the report notes. “The traditional role of IT is expanding beyond simply managing employees. The clear distinction between corporate apps and personal apps is fading away.”

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