BlackBerry’s new platform secures Enterprise of Things


The latest offering from BlackBerry is a shield against data breaches and cybersecurity threats that hinder the development of the Enterprise of Things.

The company has introduced a comprehensive mobile security cloud-enabled platform for the Enterprise of Things, which addresses the entire enterprise from endpoint to endpoint.

The new platform is based on its mobile-native approach and is integrated with key technologies from...

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BlackBerry moves away from smartphones – more focus on software and security


It’s official: BlackBerry is no longer committed to making its own hardware.

The announcement was made – or rather, it was mentioned as an aside – in BlackBerry’s most recent earnings report.  “The company plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners,” said John Chen, BlackBerry CEO, in a statement. “This allows us to reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested...

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BlackBerry partners with Zimperium for greater enterprise and government mobile security


BlackBerry has announced a partnership with Zimperium, a mobile threat management platform provider, to give enterprise and government customers greater security for iOS and Android devices.

The firm’s zIPS product, claimed to be the world’s first ‘mobile intrusion prevention system app’, integrates with BlackBerry’s Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform, as well as enterprise mobility management as a service offering BES12, and is available now.


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Enterprise mobile security not fully realised, argues BlackBerry – but with a twist


New research unveiled by BlackBerry has found that while a majority of organisations have a mobile security strategy in place, only a small proportion enforce it to the fullest extent. The reason: employees find such strategies too cumbersome and frustrating.

The research, conducted by Vanson Bourne and polling 1000 IT decision makers at businesses with 100 to 1000 workers across four continents, saw 82% of respondents admit mobile security precautions caused at least some...

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BlackBerry clarifies device strategy, is still working on BB10 and keyboards


BlackBerry has taken the step of issuing a blog post clarifying its device strategy, after announcing it would stop making its Classic handset.

The blog, from chief operating officer Marty Beard, aims to clarify that while the Classic handset, the archetypal BB device, was going to be no more, BlackBerry was still committed to the BB10 platform, as well as the iconic BlackBerry keyboard.

Beard explains

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BlackBerry acquires Good Technology for $425m: How new leadership prompts new ideas


If a week is a long time in politics, a year in an industry as disruptive as enterprise mobility is an eternity. BlackBerry has announced plans to acquire enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider Good Technology for $425 million (£279.8m) in cash.

The deal, which is expected to complete in BlackBerry’s third fiscal quarter of 2016, is another sign of the consolidation in the enterprise mobile market and a move by both parties to create the leading mobile platform in...

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BlackBerry and Google solidify deal to “set new standards in enterprise mobile security”


The slew of rumours surrounding a greater partnership between BlackBerry and Google – previously attributable to leaked images of BlackBerry phones running on Android and the like – has gone up a notch, with BlackBerry purchasing the domain name.

Clicking on that address takes you to a curious page which proclaims the text: “BlackBerry and Google are working...

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BlackBerry unveils Passport phone: Has it hit the target in enterprise?

BlackBerry has today launched the square-shaped Passport phone – its latest bet in convincing the enterprise of its relevance in today’s market.

It’s long been a game among Silicon Valley and the tech press to aim pot shots at the Canadian manufacturer, from when it was still RIM, and the smoke-blowing employed by CEO John Chen when he took over merely served to fuel the fire. Will this bizarrely shaped...

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BlackBerry outlines its best practices in next generation EMM

BlackBerry has outlined on its business blog the most important facets clients and vendors need in an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution – and it wants your dollars to solidify its bet.

Joe McGarvey, BlackBerry enterprise mobility strategist, outlined 10 “must-have capabilities” for organisations to succeed, with self-service, automation and contextual management hitting the top...

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BlackBerry announces its mobility portfolio is FIPS compliant

Here’s some good news for BlackBerry: the company has announced its Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is now FIPS accredited, meaning it is federally approved.

Secure Work Space, which runs on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10), is FIPS 140-2 certified, which relates to cryptographic modules. The government-approved certification gives BlackBerry a shot in the arm in the area considered its traditional strength, enterprise security.

“FIPS 140-2 certification indicates that BlackBerry is...

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Good Technology offers customers a route out of BlackBerry, joins MobileIron

Enterprise mobility management vendor Good Technology has announced a program which allows customers to move away from BlackBerry but without the financial constraints normal migration would impose.

BlackBerry customers are being offered free access to a trio of Good’s portfolio, namely Good For Enterprise, Good Collaboration Suite and Good Dynamics, its mobility platform. Customers will also be given extended payment options until June.

Given the Canadian manufacturer’s purported struggles

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Shine on you crazy mobile enterprise: 6 predictions for 2014

2013 is OVER! Enterprise mobility is truly HERE! My caps lock is STUCK! So let’s check the crystal ball for 2014.

Why six predictions? Well, I didn’t want filler just  to get to the traditional ten, and the sixth predication was TOO good to omit to chop it down to five.

So here we go: The unquestionably reliable crystal ball of enterprise mobility recommends that CIOs get ready for some big changes as...

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MDM vendors hit back at BlackBerry’s leadership claim

Exclusive AirWatch, Good Technology and MobileIron have hit back after being called out by BlackBerry CEO John Chen in a memo which stated the Canadian manufacturer was “the leader in mobile device management”.

“When it comes to enterprise, we’re still the leader,” Chen wrote on the CNBC website. “Don’t be fooled by the competition’s rhetoric claiming to be more secure, or having more experience.

“With a global enterprise customer base...

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New BlackBerry CEO Chen: “We are very much alive, thank you”

Incoming BlackBerry CEO John Chen has published an open letter to enterprise customers detailing the company’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile device management (MDM) solutions as key to BlackBerry’s future.

“Our ‘for sale’ sign has been taken down and we are here to stay,” Chen wrote.

The letter mainly covers old ground, particularly in reference to another open letter the Canadian manufacturer published in 30 newspapers

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Five enterprise and CIO lessons from the BlackBerry decade

BlackBerry changed the world. It made wireless email a killer app that every salesperson and travelling executive absolutely needed to have to get their work done. It gave us devices with batteries that lasted a full week, connectivity that made email feel real-time even over very slow networks, and a user experience that everyone LOVED. And, for IT, BlackBerry established a standard of security...

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BlackBerry: Out with the old and in with the new?

Two months ago BlackBerry announced they would significantly reduce sales; in response, government officials stated their business partnership would not change.

At this moment the Defense Department depends on BlackBerry. However, there is a contingency plan within the Federal Government should BlackBerry Phones go the way of 8-Traks and VHS.

In their heyday 8 Traks, Vinyl records and...

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MobileIron offering increased Android support, tries to snag BlackBerry user base

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider MobileIron has announced increased MDM support for Android, claiming the “rapid” decline of BlackBerry has forced the company’s hand.

The solution incorporates AppConnect, which containerises enterprise apps across all Droid devices, and introduces secure email through a partnership with Divide.

The EMM provider also promises secure content, collaboration and browsing through the revamped Android support tool, as well as support for...

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BlackBerry seeks breathing space with shareholder buyout

Nick Dillon, Senior Analyst, Devices & Platforms

Troubled handset maker BlackBerry has entered into a provisional agreement to be purchased by a consortium led by Fairfax Financial Holdings, the company’s largest shareholder. If completed, this move would see BlackBerry return to private ownership after 16 years on the NASDAQ stock market. In theory such a move should give the vendor more breathing space in which to assess its options beyond the gaze and interference of the stock market, although any...

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