Apple retains lead in Nordics device market, IDC figures show


A new piece of research teased out by analyst house IDC provides an interesting look at a microcosm of the device market; the iPad Pro has helped Apple maintain a solid market lead for smart connected devices in the Nordics.

The figures, which class PCs, smartphones, detachable computers and tablets in the overall field of ‘smart connected devices’, saw Apple’s overall market share of 28.8% with 1.58 million shipments in Q116, down from 33% this time last year. Samsung...

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Tablet sales are missing expectations – but is this true for the enterprise?


Mobility is changing the enterprise. But what does this mean aside from the continued rise of the smartphone?

For PCs and tablets, the outlook appears less than rosy. The former is certainly less than surprising – and some may say not before time. A note published yesterday by analyst house Gartner showed global PC shipments declined by almost 10% in the first quarter of 2016, with the overall number mirroring figures from 2007.

In its defence, Lenovo has showed double digit growth in the US...

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Significant growth expected in tablet deployments for retail and hospitality


The retail and hospitality markets in Europe are expected to ramp up their tablet deployments by 2018, according to the latest research by IDC and Panasonic Business.

According to the report, titled ‘Rethinking Retail: The Tablet Revolution’, more than half of research respondents were already using some tablets. Regarding retail and wholesale organisations, adoption is expected to hit 10% of all computing devices by the end of 2015, with that number expected to grow to 15%...

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The iPad Pro and Apple’s enterprise dilemma: Why apps are the key


With the release of the iPad Pro last week, the big question remains: is it truly enterprise-grade?

Apple, of course, believes it is. Speaking to, an ‘unidentified spokesman’ explained how Cupertino wants to “reduce the barriers many business users face in a tablet form factor”, although noting the iPad Pro won’t be a silver bullet for all...

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Strategy Analytics: BYOD still dominant, enterprises hesitant on large device deployments


The latest research note from Strategy Analytics has found that BYOD remains the “dominant” type of device, while tablets will continue to replace laptops and enterprises hesitate on large scale device deployments.

The research found business smartphone shipments reaching 89.3 million in Q2, down 3% from the previous quarter but up 16% from this time last year. Tablet shipments went up 2% from Q1 at 19.6m units, arresting a ‘slump’ from the previous few...

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Enterprise tablet adoption just waiting to take off, analyst claims


In January this year, this correspondent wrote: “If there’s a company at the moment which is changing the face of tablet computing in the enterprise, it’s Microsoft.” Now a report from Strategy Analytics argues the iPad Pro will launch into a surge of enterprise tablet growth – thanks in no small part to the groundwork Microsoft has done with the Surface Pro...

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Enterprise mobility applications gain traction in Europe


The mobile communications revolution that has transformed our lives as consumers is now similarly redefining the way forward-looking enterprises manage their operations and engage with employees, partners and customers. The ongoing pursuit of digital business transformation projects are prompting many CIOs to rethink the technologies, services and techniques that underpin their enterprise mobility initiatives - evolving traditional roles, responsibilities and organisational cultures in...

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A reassessment of tablets in the enterprise: Where do things stand?


Late last week, analyst house Gartner published numbers on the state of global tablet computer sales – and it didn’t make for pretty reading.

2012 saw 116 million tablets sold globally; 2013 saw 195m sales. 2014, however only saw 216m shipments, an increase of only 10%. Gartner research director Ranjit Atwal described the drop last year as “alarming”, but with sales of 233m and 259m predicted for 2015 and 2016, it seems like the honeymoon period is certainly...

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Two in five CEOs say they miss big deadlines due to lack of mobile solutions, report finds


With the shift in enterprise mobility gaining pace in organisations worldwide, employee and employer expectations are greater. No longer is it an excuse to not deliver a presentation to the board or sign a key contract because you were unable to access the document remotely.

Or is it? From the shop floor to the top floor, organisations are reporting difficulties as their mobility solutions aren’t fleshed out. Nearly half (49%) of CEOs surveyed by workspace provider Soonr said...

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Survey reveals differing demands for consumer and enterprise tablets

Picture credit: iStockPhoto

A survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of mobile backend provider FeedHenry has revealed that one in three American employers do not support using personal tablets for work purposes.

The survey, of 1,164 US adults, saw that 39% of respondents had workplaces which took a dim view on using tablets. 19% of those polled said their employer does support workers using BYOD for tablets, 18% said they get...

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Meru Networks Wi-Fi rollouts aim to support BYOD in education

BYOD in education is an interesting phenomenon. When Enterprise AppsTech’s editorial team was at school, any phones and gadgets were likely to be taken off them, and an immediate appointment in the headmaster’s office beckoned.

Nowadays, it’s the other way round. Schools are actively encouraging kids to bring their own devices to encourage more interactive learning. Back in May, research from Bradford Networks found that 85% of educational...

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“Cheap” MDM gives BYOD a bad name

This week, the Wall Street Journal ran an article that basically scares people away from using their smartphone at work, citing anecdotes about people losing all of their personal data on their phone without warning after they left the company. The article says that employers who have a BYOD program generally have employees agree to policies that permit this and warn users of its eventuality, but of course, most employees...

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PC shipments fall off a cliff in 2013, but will that be the death knell?

Rumours of the PC’s death are not greatly exaggerated, according to the latest predictions from IDC – but after a huge drop this year things will stabilise.

In figures published earlier this week, worldwide PC shipments are expected to fall by 10.1% as 2013 ends – a worse figure than the original forecast of 9.7% fall-off.

Worldwide total PC sales in 2012 were at 349.4m, with the figure this year falling to 314.2m. For desktop PCs, that number dropped from 148.3m to 135.6m.


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Analysing the state of tablets in business

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I strongly believe the mobile enterprise is the future, and I believe tablets could become the primary work computing device. It’s not there yet, but it certainly looks like ultra-mobile devices in the 7-12” range are becoming very popular among an increasingly mobile and BYOD-enabled workforce.

The challenges to tablet adoption

It’s clear why smartphone usage took off in the enterprise: staff replaced their private feature phones with smartphones,...

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Analysing the 5 best enterprise features of iOS 7

With iOS 7 now fully available, Enterprise AppsTech looks at the best enterprise features of the new Apple OS, and how it shapes up elsewhere

It’s long been speculated that iOS 7, the latest update from Cupertino, has been built with the enterprise in mind.

That may not be strictly true, as Apple would be mad not to have its consumer share as first push – but there’s definitely a gap in the enterprise market that is waiting to be plugged.

And for Jony Ive, Tim Cook and company, there’s...

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Is the PC really dead? Intel doesn't think so

Intel Says The PC Is Not Dead: What Might The Future Of Personal Computing Look Like?

I am known for being a mobile enthusiast: I currently own seven mobile devices between tablets and smartphones, and I recently bought a Sony Vaio Duo hybrid laptop/tablet.

While I may look like Mr. Mobile, the truth is that what really excites me isn’t mobile, but innovation, so when I saw Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s comment that PCs are alive and...

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Mobile a big priority for enterprise, yet implementation still a struggle

It’s a story we’ve often heard before. Large companies desperately want mobility, then realise it’s not an easy rollout process. But what can be done from here?

This latest survey comes from OpenMarket, who enlisted the help of Forrester Consulting to grab interviews with 167 mobile channel decision makers on how their mobility journey is coming along.

The findings subsequently come as something of a slowdown. Nearly half (43%) of respondents said they had concerns that IT couldn’t...

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Forrester research highlights how important tablets are in business

The latest research from Forrester has attempted to examine the pervasiveness of tablets in the enterprise, and concludes they’re more important than ever.

Enterprise purchases will make up 18% of global tablet sales by 2017 – 68.6 million of the 381 million units shipped worldwide – with Forrester noting that percentage has risen every year since the market was formed.

In terms of tabs in the ecosystem, this equates to 905m – or one in eight people on the planet.

“Fundamentally, as we have...

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As the mobile workforce grows, so does demand for support

Adam Holtby, Research Analyst, IT Software Solutions

Ovum recently conducted a survey of over 4,000 consumers across 19 different geographies on behavior and attitudes to using mobile devices at work. The only selection criterion was that respondents had to be employed on a full-time basis by companies with over 50 employees. The use of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, has increased compared to the results of the 2012 survey. This increase in usage of mobile devices means changes in behavior...

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How Amazon could win mobile

With all the recent developments in the mobile industry, it’s easy to focus on the big, exciting headline news and forget that sometimes the most successful players simply have sustained success without ever really surprising us. Take Amazon, for example: it’s already one of the most successful internet companies, and I believe it is in a position to become a dominant player in mobile. How can it do this when it isn’t playing the same game as the other mobile giants? Simple: all the others have to...

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