Apperian unveils new password controls and single sign on in product update

Mobile app management (MAM) provider Apperian has announced updates to its platform with the aim of ‘increasing the security of enterprise mobile app data without compromising usability’.

The new capabilities include supporting single sign on with Touch ID on iOS devices, supporting the OAuth authentication protocol, as well as advanced password restrictions. The password restrictions include providing administrators with granular controls around password expiration time, password history, and how...

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How the enterprise machine is shaking up healthcare

The enterprise machine is the new wave of enterprise application management. Still a relatively new concept, utilizing the enterprise machine in your product lineup can help generate additional revenue and give you full control over the user experience.  

Of course, ranting and raving about the positive benefits of the enterprise machine means little if you aren’t...

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VMware teams up with Oracle for app management on its managed cloud services

VMware will manage and secure business applications built on the Oracle Managed Cloud Services platform after the two companies announced a new partnership.

Oracle will leverage application management and security through VMware AirWatch, with the end result being that organisations can manage their Oracle application suite on a single unified platform, alongside other business-critical applications and devices through VMware Workspace ONE.

“Mobilising critical business processes is at the core of both...

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Is it time to drop the ‘m’ in mobile application management?

For most of our life as a company, we’ve lived in the Mobile Application Management, or MAM, space. 

Not any more. 

Increasingly, we see our future as dependent on dropping the “M.” We’re not just dealing with mobile application management now. We’re dealing with application management at large. 

What this means, of course, is that companies are shifting their focus from using applications only on mobile phones to increase employee...

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Apperian argues more enterprise mobility investments focusing on bottom line

Organisations expect their enterprise mobility initiatives to go beyond business processes and employee satisfaction and impact the bottom line, according to a new piece of research from Apperian.

The study, conducted in conjunction with CITO Research which polled more than 100 mobility professionals across over 10 industries, found that almost half (43%) of respondents said increased productivity was their primary goal for an enterprise app rollout, up 20% from the previous year. More than one in five (22%)...

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Arxan acquires MAM provider Apperian to enhance mobile and IoT operations


Application security provider Arxan Technologies has announced the acquisition of mobile app management (MAM) provider Apperian to help its mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) push.

Discussions between the two companies had been going on for almost a year with a plethora of options on the table, from strategic partnerships to investment, before settling on acquisition because both companies’ management “felt that there were so many synergies that the companies could maximise impact and...

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Highlights from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange: What type of user are you?


A couple of weeks ago, the App47 team attended Enterprise Mobility Exchange 2016 in Las Vegas. EME is a who’s who of thought leaders in the enterprise mobility space, and is always a great opportunity for our team to talk to other businesses about what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s on the horizon in the industry.

We’d be here all day if we recapped everything we discussed at EME, so instead, we’ll focus on a...

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How Electronic Arts is working for continuous development and greater security


Gaming house Electronic Arts (EA) will discuss its work with mobile app management (MAM) vendor Apperian and mobile app development platform (MADP) provider Red Hat Mobile at a Red Hat event later this month.

The collaboration between Apperian and Red Hat Mobile aims to combine the two companies’ technologies, with app lifecycle management to support continuous development and greater security for deploying apps. The proposed solution will also utilise a privately branded enterprise...

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Why in enterprise apps you don’t have users but ‘internal customers’


Any company that has ever been frustrated by low adoption rates of one of their enterprise apps knows just how important it is to have employee advocates. Of course, employees won’t be advocates for apps if they don’t believe the apps are worth advocating for.

Creating advocates—employees who will champion enterprise apps and boost adoption rates—is difficult, but not impossible. One way to get started on the process is to change the script: don’t think of...

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Gartner’s first MAM analysis reveals an encouraging yet entangled ecosystem


Analyst house Gartner has released an inaugural report assessing the state of mobile application management (MAM), and found an emerging yet highly complex ecosystem.

The emergence of MAM as a separate entity, after Gartner renamed its mobile device management (MDM) Magic Quadrant to enterprise mobility management (EMM) last year taking into account a wider list of...

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Reflections on Mobile World Congress: Enterprise apps coming to new form factors


Even with a show as large as Mobile World Congress (MWC), with over 100,000 attendees, it was pretty clear that a lot of companies are pushing forward to win a share of two related markets; virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

MWC saw a large number of VR headset announcements from Samsung, LG, HTC, Oculus, Google, Epson, Gear VR, and Fujitsu – which was specifically focused on enterprise applications. A primary driver for a somewhat global network upgrade to 5G...

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Apperian extends open API platform to target mobile app developers


Mobile app management software provider Apperian is opening up its API to improve its reach and deployment options for mobile app developers.

The platform allows systems, including traditional MDM or EMM systems, corporate portals, custom-built mobile app stores and mobile app ISVs, to improve functionality by making use of Apperian’s mobile application management and security capabilities. The use of the Apperian API Platform allows organisations to boost the reach and...

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Apperian research shows more firms pushing larger numbers of enterprise apps


The results are in from Apperian’s latest enterprise mobility survey: demand for custom mobile apps continues to go up, while more companies are pushing larger numbers of enterprise apps to their employees.

The study, conducted by CITO Research, found largely positive developments from last year but challenges remain. The primary benefit organisations look for with their enterprise mobility program is improved business processes, as cited by 30% of respondents. Increases in...

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The enterprise mobility security problem: What's going wrong?


There’s a security problem in enterprise mobility.

Don’t believe us? Just ask other organisations trying to address security. According to a global survey of 900 IT decision makers by Gemalto, 95% of IT departments are battling with security challenges in their attempt to increase user mobility within their organisation.

And then there are the lists. You...

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MAM deployment models for iOS: What to look for


While we’ll leave it up to you to decide which mobile platform is best for your needs, we can say one thing: enterprises hoping to execute an MAM deployment on iOS have quite a few options.

We’ll just get right into it. As it relates to MAM deployments on iOS, there are several different ways to manage and deploy apps, all of which have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your company’s specific needs.

Internal developers

For internal developers who want to...

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MAM deployments for Android: What to look out for


When it comes to MAM (mobile application management) deployments, Android is about as no-frills as they come.

Unlike Windows Mobile, which requires Symantec certificates to sign your apps, or Apple, which requires a developer account, Android is a bit like the Wild West of mobile apps.

Through Google Play and other Android app stores, you can do a lot on your own—without having to check with Google. And that includes deploying apps.

The only ‘gotcha’ of Android MAM...

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Mobile security 101: Eight must-haves to protect mobile data


The new EU Data Protection regulation will hold any company or individual that processes data responsible for its protection, including third parties such as cloud providers. While expected to be implemented in 2017, several countries are getting a head start and are already issuing their own regulations. For example, the Federal German Data Protection Act, includes strict guidelines on how company data should be stored, used, and accessed from...

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Businesses see apps as key to their organisation – but management still lacking


According to new research from Accenture, companies are not making the most of their enterprise apps due to poor mobile app management (MAM).

This may come as a surprise to regular readers of this publication. In September, a report from Bitglass found only 9% of organisations polled had a MAM solution in place. But the Accenture research found that while 82% of the...

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Kony updates ‘MBaaS meets MADP’ MobileFabric for developer openness, agility and control

Picture credit: Kony/YouTube

Enterprise mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) provider Kony has beefed up its Kony MobileFabric product – described as MBaaS meets MADP (mobile app development platform) – aiming to give developers openness, agility and control across mobile projects.

The release of the 6.5 update means developers can take advantage of new API management and mobile app management tools, as well as analytics and application performance management services. Developers can use their...

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Why enterprise mobility is heading for the perfect storm


Even if you haven’t seen The Perfect Storm, you probably have an image in your head of what a perfect storm looks like. If you’re anything like us, you probably imagine high winds, rough seas, and heavy rain, all of which combine to make the storm of a lifetime.

Would you believe us if we told you we were heading right towards the middle of a perfect storm?

In enterprise mobility, we’re seeing a convergence of many factors helping brew their own kind of perfect storm. While...

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