No matter who you are – automating access governance solves a plethora of business problems

You think your organisation’s systems are secure. Your employees have the solutions they need to maintain security, and for them to do their jobs effectively. Your user accounts are being provisioned automatically and you provide self-service, so anyone who is locked out, for example, can immediately get back into their workstations and perform at the highest level. Your newly hired employees can quickly get started from moment one without delay, right, with proper access to the organisation’s...

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It’s time to re-energise IT – and make the IT department more than a M*A*S*H unit


There’s no holding back the obvious truths in the land of IT. Helpdesks are inundated and overwhelmed; we are overworked and our teams are scrambling for some lucidity. The problem is simple, and most of us know: mundane, repeated and wearisome tasks that can, or probably should, be automated.

Much stress and time could be saved for our IT team’s employees by taking away some of these entanglements, but many organisations overlook doing so in the name of convenience...

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How role-based access control can solve the problem of enterprise data security


Controlling access to sensitive data is of utmost concern for the world’s most complex business and network environments. The amount of security-related data stored across a network is immense for many organisations, and relating all this data to the user’s account information in Active Directory can be tricky and time consuming.

Proper data security includes three sides. Ensuring that new employee access and accounts are created properly when the employee is onboarded is...

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Why access rights may be your biggest problem for data security in the enterprise


While there are many factors that can contribute to the success of an organisation, a huge threat to its health can be security risks. A security issue can often affect an enterprise more than even a period of low sales or decreasing growth rate.

The fact is, though, organisations tend to not focus on security measures until a breach or a significant hack takes place and by then it is too late. Hackers can steal company or customer data, which can have a big influence on profits and...

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Why automating workflow management improves security and productivity


New technologies often come around which can be helpful but are expensive and take significant time and effort to implement. But there are some technology solutions that organisations may overlook that can have a great, positive effect on efficiency.

For example, in any organisation where there are frequent requests, such as for account changes, additional access or for physical resources can be a time-consuming process to efficiently and securely approve these requests.


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Single Sign-on: Regulating access cards

By now, many organizations and employees are aware of the advantages of single sign-on (SSO) solutions because they only have to remember a single password rather than dozens of complex passwords.

In essence, because of the technology, IT departments receive fewer password reset calls, while the organization also can use the solutions to meet its auditing requirements.

Typically, after the number of passwords has been reduced to a single complex password, organizations often replace its remaining password,...

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How National Geographic solved its IAM issues

National Geographic, the 125-year-old worldwide nonprofit, has more than 1,400 full- and part-time employees, and hundreds of contractors working at its headquarters in Washington, DC and in remote offices throughout the world.

Nat Geo’s employees must access several cloud applications, including Google Apps, each with different credentials, to perform their daily duties. In addition, because of the hundreds of contractors Nat Geo employs, the IT department has to deal with high turnover...

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No need to be skeptical about BYOD with these 5 measures

Many organizational leaders remain skeptical of implementing a BYOD program because of the horror stories they hear about data breaches, access to the technology and employees taking advantage of the program. But like many landmark advances to the way business gets done, BYOD and the number of programs is likely only going to increase as it is one obvious solution for creating efficiency throughout a business environment.

There are several options for securing a successful strategy. The following five ways can ensure a successful...

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