How the rise of the bots could change the enterprise


By Justin Grimsley

Think back to the last time you ordered lunch for the office. Remember how much of a hassle it was, especially when catering to food allergies and preferences? Well, Taco Bell aims to change that experience with the introduction of TacoBot. Now, as you’re collaborating with colleagues on Slack, everyone in the...

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The evolution of device management - and what comes next


By Mark Dunkerley, collaboration and mobile technology manager, bottling investments group, Coca-Cola Company

Device management within the enterprise is ready to evolve and disrupt current models. Changes over the last several years in the demand and usage of technology has changed the way we need to manage and deploy technology to users in the enterprise. Long gone are the days...

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Why you will see augmented reality at work before in your home


By Bhavesh Kumar

Recently, I outlined some of the industry use cases for augmented reality (AR) in the enterprise. Early adopters have been exploring how AR could transform industries like manufacturing, healthcare, design and retail. There’s increasingly reason to believe that AR could take off for businesses long before it goes mainstream with...

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Exploring virtual and augmented reality in the enterprise


It seems like every major technology summit these days isn’t complete without the mention of virtual and augmented reality. Consumers and enterprises alike have cause to be excited. While the technologies are still in their infancies, both promise revolutionary new ways by which we will interact and compute.

2016 will be remembered as a landmark year for these types of technology, with multiple hardware releases targeted for the enterprise and the consumer. This is just the beginning. 

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Why "all-in" on BYOD is the ideal strategy for retailers


A recent study found that rather than break or lose their mobile phone, one in three (34%) U.S. adults would prefer to lose other important items, including their bed, keys and even friends. In fact, 27% of respondents admitted they would cry if they lost their phone.

This level of interest in safeguarding personal mobile devices may help explain why...

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Six ways Windows 10 is changing the enterprise

(c) Krakowiak

Here at VMware AirWatch, we are incredibly excited about the transformative power of mobility and the cloud for businesses large and small. Over the years, we have had the opportunity and privilege of supporting and guiding our customers across many industry verticals on their mobile adoption journeys. In doing so, we collaborate with technology leaders, including Microsoft, to...

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Internet of Things: Why IoT is here to stay within the enterprise


By Scott Szymanski

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made a name for itself in the consumer sphere. From fitness trackers like Fitbit to Amazon’s Dash buttons for one-touch product ordering, the average person can tangibly embrace IoT in everyday life.  New cars have been outfitted with IoT technologies, such as Apple’s CarPlay, making driving...

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Is your enterprise video ready?

Video is playing an increasingly important role in the way people share information.  Chances are, all of us will watch at least one video today for either entertainment or informational purposes. A recent Gartner press release indicated that by 2015, 60 percent of workers will be consuming video content on their mobile devices.

As employees become more comfortable interacting with video in their personal lives on social networks and websites it is likely that they...

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Analysing BYOD’s effect on the IT help desk


BYOD programs can minimize the technical problems employees experience with their mobile devices and reduce the creation of new help desk tickets, according to a new report. It might seem obvious that employees will be more familiar with their personal devices than with anything corporate-owned, and therefore will be more productive on them. But the results of a recent survey offer evidence that BYOD can benefit IT productivity as well.

In an online survey of U.S. employees who use their personal devices...

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Windows 10: Microsoft reveals universal app details, Surface Hub and other enterprise features


At today’s Windows 10 briefing, company executives demonstrated many of the new operating system’s features and offered a timeline for the release.

“In the next week, we’ll be releasing a new build of Windows 10 to our insiders,” said VP of operating systems Terry Myerson. A beta version of Windows 10 will be available this week for users who are enrolled in the 

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