The key factors in reducing the BYOD mobile security threat


In its latest report, research firm Ovum reveals that 47% of employees now use their own smartphones to access corporate data, a quarter use a tablet, and 8% use wearables to access information in some form. It’s clear that BYOD is an established feature in today’s always-connected, always-contactable business landscape, and organisations therefore need to put secure mobility management measures in place. What are the principle considerations to bear in mind for this...

By Dave Schuette, 22 December 2016, 1 comment. Categories: BYOD, Employees, Enterprise Mobility, Security.

A balancing act: How BYOD can support staff retention


BYOD is more than a cost-saving exercise for enterprises. It’s also one of the secrets to building a working environment that fits the modern employee’s needs. CIOs have the opportunity to be at the heart of this process and play a crucial role in employee enfranchisement and productivity improvements – but only if they appreciate the fine lines that must be trodden.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, actively seek employers with workplace values that are...

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