AppSense gains Nutanix validation for speedier VDI deployments


User environment management (UEM) solutions provider AppSense has gained “Nutanix Ready” validation and has become a part of the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Partner Program.

The integrated use of AppSense and Nutanix solutions allows enterprises to benefit from hyper-converged infrastructure to streamline the deployment of virtual desktops for rapid delivery of fully personalized desktops and applications. For instance, Coretek Services’ Virtual Clinical...

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Share of cloud in unified communications to rise from 6% in 2015, to 28% in 2016

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A survey undertaken by The Redshift Research and Azzurri Communications has found that enterprise communications is set to undergo a major overhaul in 2016. The main areas to see transformation will be mobility models, telephony set-ups and dependence on collaboration tools. The share of cloud in unified communications (UC) is expected to rise from 6% in 2015 to 28% in 2016, set to...

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Red Hat launches OpenShift Dedicated for the enterprise

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Red Hat's new OpenShift Dedicated service includes the Kubernetes orchestration and Docker container technologies, both of which were part of OpenShift Enterprise 3.1. It builds on the company's OpenShift Online offering, targeted at individual developers looking to develop and host applications on the Red Hat-supported shared public cloud.

OpenShift Dedicated is aimed at...

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Enterprise apps will shift to cloud, says IHS Research Director

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Clifford Grossner from IHS talked about the future shift to off-premise enterprise apps at the NexGen Cloud conference in San Diego.

According to Grossner, solution providers will see more applications used by enterprise customers shift off-premise to the cloud, and they need to quickly move to capitalise on the new opportunities created by this shift.

He said: "If...

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise launches: A more agile, lean HP?

Picture credit: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

It has been coming for more than a year, but now it is official: tech giant Hewlett Packard has split in two, as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) launches with $53 billion in annual revenue alongside HP Inc.

Despite the grumbles from analysts at the time – one noted that “splitting a business is never a sign of prosperity” while another, Bob Egan, told this reporter the move

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Why businesses adopting big data, cloud and mobility grow 53% faster than peers


  • Orchestrating big data, cloud and mobility strategies leads to 53% greater growth than peers not adopting these technologies.
  • 73% of midmarket companies say the complexity of their stored data requires big data analytics apps and tools to better gain insights from.
  • 41% of midmarket companies are using big data to better target marketing efforts.
  • 54% of midmarket companies’ security budgets are invested in security plans versus reacting to threats.

These and many other insights are from Dell’s second annual

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IBM and AT&T announce partnership to protect corporate apps and data

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Another enterprise mobile partnership featuring IBM? You’d better believe it. This time Big Blue has teamed up with AT&T to provide secure mobile cloud services and enable a workforce to be “productive without compromising security and the mobile user experience.”

Previously, IBM’s partnerships have included Twitter, providing strengthened enterprise social analytics,

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Is your enterprise network up to the rigours of IoT, mobile and cloud?


A new report from Verizon has outlined the ways in which enterprises need to rethink their network architecture to cope with cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) among others.

The process of ‘digitising’ business process has already been achieved by a quarter of companies surveyed by Verizon, while a further 32% said they were in the process of executing their strategy. 29% said they were evaluating, while 15% are expanding their strategy.

The technologies Verizon...

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IBM and Box partnership bears first fruit, aims to safeguard BYO cloud apps


IBM has announced Cloud Security Enforcer, which enables companies to gain visibility into third party cloud apps and control them securely.

The inspiration for the latest product release from Big Blue emanates from the continued rise of shadow IT, according to a recent study by IBM. One in three employees – a number which increases to one in two for the millennial workforce – uploads and shares company data to third party apps, usually without the knowledge or consent of...

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How traditional enterprise apps are being ousted by disruptive competition


A report released by identity and mobility management provider Okta reveals changing elements in how companies approach enterprise apps, showing how size no longer matters for cloud deployments and how many traditionally popular enterprise apps are being pushed aside.

The study, which analysed anonymised findings from Okta’s data set of 4000 applications, found that while the likes of Salesforce for CRM, Amazon Web Services for infrastructure and Box for content storage continued...

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