BYOD and MDM broken down in CSA research

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has released a research report which concludes that continual review of company security policy is the most effective way of ensuring mobile device management (MDM) doesn’t compromise security.

The research detailed 17 key components to MDM; 12 of which are ‘must have’ and 5 are ‘optional’. Each component aligns with three bigger categories: software and hardware, inventory and security.


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CSC's CIO Barometer reveals BYOD uptake [infographic]

An in-depth piece of research from CSC, entitled ‘The CIO Barometer’, has revealed that, for many top IT brass, their personal devices are more useful to them than company-given equipment.

The survey covered more than 330 IT directors throughout North America and Europe, with half of the participants IT managers in their respective companies, alongside IT directors (29%) and CIOs (20%).

And the results found that, for many CIOs, the consumerisation of IT hasn’t been a smooth...

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Service level management for cloud computing needs to improve

By Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst, Software – IT Solutions, Ovum

The delivery of shared, standardized, and metered IT resources on demand and on a self-service basis brings convenience and empowerment to users. Delivering IT-as-a-service, however, is hard. Many cloud service consumers, as well as providers, are only just starting to get to grips with its impact on their business and IT. At both levels, and on both sides, service level agreements (SLAs) are coming under increasing scrutiny, leading to a renewed...

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How can an SME enterprise solution go bigger?

iSimplyConnect chief Ralph Shaw talks to Enterprise AppsTech about his company’s turnkey solution, letting the iPad aid productivity and the future of BYOD

iOS device virtual private network (VPN) provider iSimplyConnect has released its ConnectMore software, and highlights how a VPN product originally designed for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) can target much larger enterprises if the demand is there.

According to Ralph Shaw, CEO of Asavie Technologies, the desicion to create ConnectMore came...

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It's Yammer time for Microsoft with latest buy

Yammer, the social network which “brings the power of social networking to the enterprise”, has been bought by Microsoft for an estimated $1.2bn (£768m).

The move comes as Microsoft tries to expand upon its complementary cloud services and, more importantly, fend off competition from Google for its influential Office products.

The money involved is hefty, but small change compared to the $8.5bn (£5.4m) Microsoft shelled out for Skype last year.

From Microsoft’s perspective, Yammer will be...

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