Enterprise segmentation is ripe for transformation

By Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, Enterprise PracticeAs traditional wireline revenues continue to decline and new services such as mobility flatten it is even more important to find new ways to segment enterprise customers. Most telcos put a great deal of effort into understanding consumer trends and building sophisticated marketing plans for the consumer market, and they need to make a similar investment in the enterprise space. New segmentation could drive transformation channel programs, prompt a redesign of direct sales...

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Gartner survey examines CIO agenda in the enterprise

A global survey of CIOs by analyst house Gartner has revealed that mobile technology is forecast to be the most disruptive technology in the enterprise over the next 10 years.

The study, entitled ‘Hunting and Harvesting in a Digital World’ and produced by Gartner Executive Programs, polled over 2000 CIOs amounting to over $230bn (£143.6bn) in IT budgets. And according to the CIOs polled, mobile has a huge part to play in disrupting the current IT landscape.

It’s perhaps unsurprising,...

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Companies need to work out cloud and app security because of BYOD

BYOD policies make employees happier and companies richer, says study – but haven’t we heard this before?

A select preview of research results has been unveiled by (ISC)2 which has shown further the drivers and statistics behind bring your own device (BYOD) adoption.

The key findings were that companies supporting BYOD improves employees’ experience and reduces IT costs, and that security managers feel their companies need to be more clued up on cloud-based and application security.

The 2013...

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How can ERP solutions benefit small businesses?

A research paper from the Aberdeen Group has revealed how smaller organisations can utilise enterprise resource planning (ERP), showing that cost reduction is the primary driver impacting an ERP strategy according to survey respondents.

The report, entitled “ERP and the Small Business”, focused on 261 small organisations in its ERP Benchmark survey of 2012 and uncovered key reasons why companies should adopt an enterprise resource planning solution:

  • Standardisation – ensuring the best practices of the organisation are followed, with 71% of the best-in-class...

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Can BYOD and ERP play nicely together?

All sizes of business first saw BYOD as a great way of saving money, having staff provide their own smart phones and tablets for the company's benefit. The reality has not quite matched that initial impression.

The plethora of different devices put additional load on the company wireless network and double or even triple the number of IPs needed to support all those devices.

While staff may own the devices they have been very quick to start claiming expenses for calls and data usage paid for at their own...

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Citrix acquires Zenprise to move into MDM sphere

Virtualisation expert Citrix has acquired mobile device management vendor Zenprise for an undisclosed amount, with the deal to be finalised in Q1 2013.

The acquisition will see Citrix integrating Zenprise’s device management software into the CloudGateway and Me@Work programs to aid mobile app and data management.

The partnership aims to complete two parts of an enterprise mobility jigsaw; to create “a single, integrated enterprise mobility product line from a trusted vendor that combines all the...

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Benioff: PCs are going down & they're taking Microsoft with them

This month I attended Cloudforce in Stockholm and was absolutely blown away by the sheer volume of attendees, to be honest I think Salesforce may have been just as surprised. The event had around 250 attendees last year and had ballooned this year to about 1200.

The reason I say Salesforce may have been taken by surprise is obvious when you saw attendees crammed into a tiny room. Clever marketing or over subscription I am not sure, either way it had...

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What are your security concerns for the coming year?

The big security themes for 2012 were mobile device and application protection, lack of cloud-based security, data-loss prevention, and the need for Big Data management. If advanced protection requirements and increasing compliance demands are added to the equation, most of these issues will continue to retain a strong influence over proceedings during 2013 and beyond. The thing that is changing is what security professionals believe about the way in which these issues should be addressed.

There is an urgent...

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BYOD and MDM broken down in CSA research

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has released a research report which concludes that continual review of company security policy is the most effective way of ensuring mobile device management (MDM) doesn’t compromise security.

The research detailed 17 key components to MDM; 12 of which are ‘must have’ and 5 are ‘optional’. Each component aligns with three bigger categories: software and hardware, inventory and security.


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CSC's CIO Barometer reveals BYOD uptake [infographic]

An in-depth piece of research from CSC, entitled ‘The CIO Barometer’, has revealed that, for many top IT brass, their personal devices are more useful to them than company-given equipment.

The survey covered more than 330 IT directors throughout North America and Europe, with half of the participants IT managers in their respective companies, alongside IT directors (29%) and CIOs (20%).

And the results found that, for many CIOs, the consumerisation of IT hasn’t been a smooth...

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