Organisations need to rethink the addressable market for CRM

Carter Lusher, Research Fellow & Chief Analyst: Enterprise Applications EcosystemAt its SugarCon customer conference in April 2013, SugarCRM made the case that companies need to dramatically expand their approach to interacting with customers and prospects. This fits into Ovum’s Customer-Adaptive Enterprise framework, and we agree that it is an important strategic change.

SugarCRM believes that every customer is important no matter how small, every employee is a potential customer, and every interaction is...

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iOS remains the enterprise mobile platform of choice

According to cloud provider Citrix, in its Enterprise Mobility Cloud Report Q4 2012, Apple devices continued to dominate the mobile enterprise, although Android certainly had its advantages.

The report, which surveyed Citrix customers currently with EMM (enterprise mobility management) in the cloud, concluded that iOS platforms proved better for those enterprises where there was a lot of one-on-one customer engagement, such as retail, whilst Android was better for mobile field service organisations.


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Are low-end tablets a wise enterprise investment?

Businesses have traditionally lagged behind consumer markets when it comes to adopting new devices, but tablet sales in the enterprise are set to grow substantially in the next few years, according to Gartner.

Indeed, Gartner has heralded the devices as the “key accelerator to mobility” for the enterprise, and predicts that businesses will have purchased 53 million tablets by 2016...

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Examining the best ways to keep your network safe

Security provider Symantec has outlined the top five mistakes users make by leaving themselves open to hackers.

Whilst some of the policies are pretty standard fare, like enforcing stricter password policies, some may be overlooked, such as not educating employees on social media and online behaviour.

Symantec recently looked at other facets of the enterprise space, most prevalently examining how to create a successful BYOD policy back in...

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How is BYOD a challenge for IT? [infographic]

Trend Micro, the antivirus cloud computing software provider, has published an infographic detailing the challenge of introducing employee-liable devices into the corporate network.

The research showed differences of opinion with regard to whether BYOD is an employee right. Nearly three quarters of CEOs (73%) believed so, yet less than half (44%) of IT executives agreed.

Similarly, nine out of 10 CEOs were the main decision makers when it came to a BYOD policy, which again is a significant increase on IT...

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How ‘mobile’ does your business need to be?

Mobility is a subject that incorporates many different categories and discussion points within the world of business. As well as having to create an environment in which members of staff can be physically mobile and thus better able to do their jobs, you need to ensure that your company itself is agile enough to cope with changes in the marketplace.

Mobile Business

But just how mobile does your business need to be and in which ways can you define this term today? To help clarify the issue, here are some of...

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BYO PC is bigger than you might think

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact Technology, Ovum

A lot has been said about BYOD, but BYO PC is a trend that has arguably been going on for a lot longer. Ovum has already released survey results focusing on the scale and drivers of the BYOD trend – the use of personal smartphones and tablets at work – but we also asked about employees’ usage of their own PCs at work. The results are covered in depth in two recent publications, Multi-Market BYOD Survey Results: The Scale of Bring Your Own PC...

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HIMSS13: Mobility, cloud, and data equals creative disruption

Charlotte Davies, Lead Analyst, Healthcare & Life Sciences

The digital revolution and, latterly, the consumerization of IT have brought about massive change in verticals such as retail and banking. This has widened the already considerable gulf between ICT adoption in these sectors and in the healthcare sector. However, at HIMSS13 last week, the annual healthcare conference run by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), there were concrete signs that the combined forces of healthcare...

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