Android tablets to overtake iPads by 2015

Google Android could take over Apple iOS in market shares for tablets by 2015, according to new research.

Market analysis firm IDC found that Android shipped 44.6% of tablets during the fourth quarter of 2011. The Apple iPad accounted for 54.6%, dropping from 61.5% in the previous quarter.

However, with Apple selling 15.4 million tablets purely in the last quarter, Apple doesn’t need to worry too much about its competitors, such as Microsoft, Amazon and RIM.

Tablet sales in general have significantly...

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Google Play replaces Android Market

Google has rebranded its Android Market app store as ‘Google Play’, an entertainment hub where users can get access to music, films, books and apps.

The cloud-based platform allows Android users to search and share content that is stored online, enabling access wherever you are and on any Android device.

Up to 20,000 tracks can be stored in Google Play and more than 450,000 Android apps and games are currently available to download. However, apps have been given a step back from the limelight,...

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#MWC12 Round Up - Day 2

We're now half way through Mobile World Congress and the annoucements are coming in thick and fast. With keynote speeches from Google and top operators Telefonica and Bharti Airtel, alongside some big product releases from Samsung, we knew we were in for some big news within the mobile world. Here's Apps Tech's Tuesday round up...


New Google Chrome browser for ICS

Google has unveiled a new Chrome browser for mobile yesterday, which enables Android users to browse across their phone and...

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Shazam unveils new Android Beam service #MWC12

During Mobile World Congress, music discovery company Shazam has unveiled an integration with Android Beam technology and what could be ‘the world´s fastest content tagging’ experience.

The integration with Android Beam, the NFC-based technology, means that users can share music, offers and television tags to one another by simply holding their devices back-to-back. If one of the users doesn’t have the Shazam app installed on their phone, they will be automatically redirected to the...

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Augmented reality set to enhance London Eye’s pods

From the London Eye to London Fashion Week, the latest technology to hit the mainstream is reconstructing reality itself. So-called “augmented reality” (AR), which uses a smartphone or a tablet to layer extra information over an onscreen image of the real world, is set to be all around us in the near future.

At the avant garde end of the spectrum, Google is said to be developing eye glasses that integrate the technology into a RoboCop-style vision of the future. Although Google itself refused to...

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Ubuntu for Android to help smartphones act as desktops #MWC12

New software has been unveiled that enables Android smartphones to have a full desktop experience.

Canonical’s Ubuntu for Android operating system will bring desktop functionality to a docked Android smartphone, making it become a mini-computer when connected to a dock and a computer screen.

When the smartphone is plugged into a dock, it will run Ubuntu so you can access the same native apps and data as you would on a PC. Android OS will continue to run when the device is unplugged.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of...

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