Google moves to be mightier in the enterprise with Android M

Yesterday at I/O, Google announced that with Android M, its team has focused on polish and quality. This follows last year’s event, introducing a whole new look and feel for Android, and the introduction of Android Auto, Android TV and Android Wear. Outside of the main announcements that the company talked about, such as Android Pay, changes to app permissions, upgrades to Google Now and Chrome Custom Tabs (to name but a few), we’ll investigate what Google didn’t talk about - its enhancements to Android for...

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Good Technology CEO hits back at Android for Work competitor claims

Picture credit: Good Technology

Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt has responded to claims from a competitor that the EMM provider ‘looks likely to run out of cash’, is not supported by Android for Work and competes with native email user experiences.

Writing in a blog post, she notes: “I am not in the habit of responding to FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), but in this case, I felt it important to set the record straight.”

Good was

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“I got 99 problems but mobile malware ain’t one”: Verizon’s verdict


The latest Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) from telco giant Verizon has argued that mobile devices are not a preferred vector in data breaches, among other interesting findings.

The 70 page behemoth is a refreshing read, written as it is in a relatively informal style and not the insomnia-inducing texts of competitors. Hence the title for the DBIR mobile section – “I Got 99 Problems and Mobile Malware Isn’t Even 1% of Them”.

One interesting fact...

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Apperian announces Android Lollipop support and updated enterprise app store

Picture credit: Apperian

Mobile app management (MAM) provider Apperian claims that “enterprise support for Android can no longer take a backseat to iOS”, as it announces support for Android Lollipop as well as a redesign of its enterprise app store.

The Boston-based company has been making waves in the enterprise mobile space for eschewing the traditional mobile device management (MDM) approach to protecting data.

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Assessing the executive outlook on Android’s enterprise ecosystem #MWC15


Analysis It’s an exciting yet challenging time for the CIO. Employees are going to bring their own devices into work, but even though Android is the dominant consumer platform, the enterprise side is relatively lacking. If there is a paradigm shift afoot, something is still holding it back.

Nowhere is this more keenly felt than Google itself. The much-vaunted release of...

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Is the prevalence of Android malware a red herring? #MWC15


Ciaran Bradley, SVP solutions and innovation at mobile security provider Adaptive Mobile, argues people are “crying wolf” over the prevalence of Android malware, yet adds the marketable brand of Apple is the primary reason for Android being held back in the enterprise.

Speaking to Enterprise AppsTech at Mobile World Congress, Bradley notes the research and experience Adaptive has undertaken and explains his view that Google gets “a really bad press that’s...

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Good’s latest mobility index shows iOS go further ahead of Android in enterprise OS race


Secure mobility provider Good Technology has released its latest Mobility Index report and found iOS is eating more marketshare from Android as an enterprise operating system.

The study, which focuses on Good-activated devices, saw iOS activations rise to 73% in Q414, up from 69% the previous quarter, with Android dropping to 25% from 29% in Q314. Good puts a lot of this rise down to the release of the iPhone 6 in late Q314, again indicating the aggressive pace of the...

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Globo’s MDM report shows Samsung and KitKat dominate Android enterprise market


The latest Globo MDM report has revealed how Samsung continues to dominate the Android enterprise hardware market, with KitKat becoming the most popular operating system.

Samsung commands 73% of all activated Android Globo devices, followed by Motorola (12%) and LG (7%), while KitKat runs on half (49.59%) of devices, ahead of Jelly Bean (30.41%) and Gingerbread (9.31%). The latter represents a marked change from July 2014, with Jelly Bean running on two in five Droids.

Android Lollipop, which was...

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Mobile malware infections continue to rise, Android and Windows PC the worst offenders


16 million mobile devices were hit by mobile malware in 2014 as mobile infections continued to accelerate, according to a new report from Motive Security Labs.

Motive, an offshoot of French telecommunications provider Alcatel Lucent, has predicted a variety of happenings in 2015, warning that botnets will move to mobile and the cloud, attacks on the cloud will increase, and the Internet of Things will get hit.

Even though 16 million seems like a huge number, it only represents 0.68%...

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