Citrix mobile report reveals continued dominance of iOS in the enterprise


A new report from software giant Citrix has revealed that while the number of devices managed in the enterprise is exploding year on year, iOS remains by far the most popular workplace OS.

Device numbers in the enterprise grew 72% from 2013 to 2014, with almost two thirds (64%) running iOS, 27% running Android, and 9% Windows Phone. In EMEA these figures changed to 50% for iOS and 30% for Android, while in the Americas the figures stood at 57% for iOS and 27% Android. Asia Pacific saw...

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Microsoft reportedly bringing out Power BI to mobile apps

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Microsoft’s business intelligence (BI) tool, Power BI, is being tested and prepared for mobile devices with an iOS app, according to reports.

Enterprise AppsTech has been anticipating an update such as this for some time, after news on Microsoft’s business intelligence suite, pumped in for Office 365 last year, went rather quiet.

According to

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Globo MDM survey hints Android fragmentation will hold it back in enterprise

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A new batch of survey data from enterprise mobility vendor Globo has found that Apple is not only dominating Android in the enterprise market, but also more successfully migrating its user base onto the latest operating systems.

The survey of its customer base found Apple devices garnering 61% of market share in the enterprise, compared to 35% for Android, 3% for BlackBerry and a pitiful 0.06% for Windows Phone. Compared to 2012’s figures – 58% Apple, 26% Android, 14%...

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Microsoft, Office 365 mobility, and the subscription experience

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Opinion Microsoft’s recent decision to make its consumer Office applications free on iOS and Android wasn’t just a reaction to Google and Apple’s market share in mobile productivity tools. That may be true in tactical terms, but it’s not the real story.

Here’s the bigger picture: this was Microsoft’s final acknowledgement of a broad,...

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Android Lollipop: Here’s one enterprise-friendly feature that’s not being discussed

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Feature Last week, Google put the tech industry out of its collective misery and announced its new operating system was called Android Lollipop. It continues the sweet treat theme of Google’s naming system, and it cut through the smoke and mirrors generated by the search giant’s – admittedly hilarious – teaser video posted earlier that week.

This image hasn’t exactly translated over to the enterprise market. Apple has been...

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This Finnish startup aims to add some fun to enterprise gamification

Meet Wimble. This Finland-based firm has a gamification tool that will be released on Android in October – and they’re trying to Indiegogo their way to $20,000 in two weeks so they can super-charge their launch on iOS.

The firm’s ethos is simple: making time management more productive, social and, most important, fun.

“We believe encouragement, social relationships and motivation plays [a] huge role in our...

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The enterprise mobility ecosystem battle

I’ve often written about how to get the most from enterprise mobility, with smart mobile platforms, process-based integration, and the game-changing underlying technologies like Cloud and In Memory Data Grids or grid computing. Following the recent Apple WWDC and Google I/O developer conferences, it’s worth looking at a very different battle: what are the mobile ecosystems doing...

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Android most popular enterprise OS, claims Frost & Sullivan

Analyst house Frost & Sullivan has found that Android is the most popular OS among US and European enterprises, with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry still holding significant market share.

The study, entitled ‘The Future of Mobile Devices from a Consumer Perspective’, shows that Android garnered 56% of the vote, compared with 41% for iOS, and a surprisingly high 30% and 28% for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry respectively.

This may come as a bit of a surprise given

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Google I/O recap: Why Google is serious about enterprise mobility

The Google I/O 2014 developer conference didn’t need flashy skydiving stunts to get the attention of enterprise customers. The latest Android announcements were enough to show that Google is taking enterprise mobility seriously, starting with the Android Work initiative.

Android Work will deliver enterprise-focused security and management features when the new Android L OS is released this fall. And there’s plenty of good news for both Android users and IT admins, including the much-anticipated...

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Google makes bigger push into enterprise with Divide acquisition

Corporate device policy firm Divide has announced that it is to be acquired by Google.

The announcement was posted on Divide’s website late last night, with the likely destination for the company to be helping Android become more enterprise-friendly.

“The company was founded with a simple mission: Give people the best mobile experience at work,” a statement reads. “As part of the Android team, we’re excited to continue developing solutions that our users...

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