New survey shows iOS still rules the roost in the enterprise

The latest industry research this time comes from Good Technology, whose Q1 Mobility Index Report has revealed that while iOS continues to dominate enterprises, enterprise app activations in companies have gone up 57% quarter over quarter – an improvement over the previous two quarters.

This figure shows that enterprises still have a ferocious appetite for deploying apps, however the figure for operating system activations proved less controversial. iOS comprised 72% of total device activations in Q1,...

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Fiberlink data shows how Samsung dominates Android in enterprise

According to Fiberlink research of 250,000 Android devices in workplaces globally, more than half are Samsung phones and tablets.

The data shows that 84% of Android devices in the enterprise are smartphones, compared to 16% of tablets. Samsung’s popularity as a manufacturer comprised 56% of all devices, ahead of Motorola (22%), HTC (8%), LG and Asus (2%).

Other devices which registered in smaller numbers included Amazon, CASIO, Huawei, Pegatron and Sony.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S...

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Analysing the state of mobile right now

In last year’s State of Mobile I predicted that the pace of innovation and disruption in the mobile market would mean the world would be very different today. The mobile world is continuing to change at a rapid pace, so here are my top picks for what’s important in where we are today.

iOS vs Android

If one thing hasn’t changed, it’s that you can hardly read a technology website...

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Biometrics, cloudy passwords and the ongoing Android vs Apple debate

Last month’s launch of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s raised a lot of questions for the mobile security industry. Will biometrics catch on, are cloud-stored passwords really secure and, of course, the eternal debate rolls on – which is more secure Apple or Android? 

Are biometrics the next big thing? 

So many factors need to be in place for a technology to catch on. Context is everything – how usable is it, do consumers want it and how much does it cost? The past year has seen an explosion in...

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MobileIron offering increased Android support, tries to snag BlackBerry user base

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider MobileIron has announced increased MDM support for Android, claiming the “rapid” decline of BlackBerry has forced the company’s hand.

The solution incorporates AppConnect, which containerises enterprise apps across all Droid devices, and introduces secure email through a partnership with Divide.

The EMM provider also promises secure content, collaboration and browsing through the revamped Android support tool, as well as support for...

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With Android malware increasingly sophisticated, how long before iOS falls?

Trend Micro’s latest summation of the mobile security landscape has revealed some pretty sorry findings in the Android space, although it’s not in the least bit unexpected if you’re a ‘fandroid’.

The cynical view, of course, is to dismiss this with the view of ‘yes, Android malware exists and causes vulnerabilities, move along, nothing to see here.’

And for the most part, you’d be right. But here’s a second opinion: malicious Droid hacking has only so far...

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Surveys shed light on the good and bad of Australian mobility

A series of research reports have recently been unleashed onto the market detailing the state of enterprise mobility in Australia.

The highlights of the research findings are as follows:

  • Apple rules the roost in the Australian enterprise – but it might not be for much longer
  • The Australian MDM market is forecast to grow at a comprehensive rate year on year between now and 2020
  • Yet a majority of Australian employees work remotely without BYOD provisions in place

First of all, the good. According to Frost & Sullivan, the Australian mobile device...

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Roambi advances its mobile BI portfolio

Fredrik Tunvall, Analyst, Information Management

Roambi recently made some major announcements about its mobile business intelligence (BI) portfolio. The company added a cloud-based version of its product and announced a new North American partner program. The company has already seen a lot of success as one of the early innovators in the mobile BI space, and its intuitive solution offers some strong opportunities, especially in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market. However, the company plays in an increasingly...

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Android MasterKey and a secure, simple BYOD future

As we discover more security loopholes in Android, it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to protect our mobile devices every bit as carefully as we already do our PCs. Infact, the extreme mobility of our new tools means they are even more vulnerable than any machine was in the old world, since they hardly spend any time sitting secure behind an enterprise firewall.

Fortunately, new tools that have stepped up to the challenge show us that the future lies in simple, security-first...

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