AgreeYa Mobility launches enterprise mobility platform Onvelop #MWC2013

California-based mobile engineering product provider AgreeYa Mobility has today launched Onvelop, a cross-platform interoperable enterprise mobility tool which synchronises with SharePoint, Lync, and Office365.

Launched on the second day of Mobile World Congress, the product is unique in that it is the only product on the market which Microsoft has enabled to license its tools. Onvelop also has partnerships with Samsung and Vodafone.

With a strategy aimed...

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#AppsWorld - In tough times, media turns to mobile R&D

It’s been a tough time for the Tribune Co, fighting to make headway in a highly competitive market, its four year journey back from Chapter 11 has been no cake walk. We caught up with Steve Weiss, the group’s senior Android mobile developer, ahead of his appearance at Apps World next month in San Francisco.

Working for such a huge, historic company, especially given its current situation, makes for an interesting professional life. The son of...

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New research finds fault with BYOD for SME security

A new research paper from Osterman Research sponsored by Trend Micro has shown that, for small businesses, security issues continue to be a major problem.

The blame is firmly shifted to BYOD in terms of breeding malware.

“The BYOD trend of employees using personal mobile devices and laptops for work is accelerating the problem by introducing devices with an even greater likelihood of introducing malware into a...

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Is Amazon about to bring out a smartphone?

Amazon already has a cloud service, film and TV streaming service and ereader, so a smartphone would be the next logical step, wouldn’t it?

Reports from Bloomberg suggest that Chinese mobile manufacturer Foxconn is collaborating with the retail giant over a potential Amazon phone running on Android which could be out by the end of the year.

The reports have certainly done both companies’ stock good –...

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No Flash for Jelly Bean, Adobe says

Adobe has officially announced they are not going to be supporting their Flash software for Google Android 4.1, otherwise known as Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean was unveiled at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco earlier this week, and promises to be an altogether better experience than the current OS, Ice Cream Sandwich when it gets rolled out to various devices in July.

Even though...

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Has Siri met her match in Robin?

Watch out Siri, you might have some competition on its way. Meet Robin, the new free Android virtual assistant app.

We have seen a number of Android apps that have aimed to one-up Siri, but failed to do so. Robin comes into play with a new method to accessing voice commands: a wave of the hand. Brush your hand over the phone and Robin is ready to help you.

This is a neat idea, with the obvious benefits being ease of use and in-car...

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Is Spotify's new radio app trying to shoot Pandora down?

Spotify has taken aim and fired at Pandora following the rolling out of the Swedish streaming giant’s free iOS mobile radio app.

The new app is planned to only be available in the US for iPad and iPhone, but is expected to be available on Android within the coming weeks. Users outside the US will still need a premium subscription to utilise mobile radio.

Spotify claims that mobile radio...

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Facebook rolls out App Center to US with 600 apps making cut

The highly-publicised Facebook App Center, described as “the place for people to find great social apps on the web and mobile”, has been officially released to US users, with apps available on iOS and Android platforms as well as on

Many of the apps are already-popular games and services, such as Spotify, Pinterest and Draw Something. The Center categorises best apps in terms of top rated, trending and top...

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Android “will peak this year” as Windows Phone challenges Apple, IDC says

As forecasts go, this is a pretty big one: the International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that Windows Phone will overtake iOS by 2016 and that Android will have hit its peak by the end of this year.

This won’t be great news for Google, but the report notes that Android will still be far ahead of the opposition, holding 52.9% of the market share by...

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