Is App Center Facebook's power play into mobile web?

Facebook’s flirtations with the world of social mobile web stepped up a gear this week with the launch of its own app store, offering tasty promotional opportunities for developers, but scant money making opportunity for the soon-to-be-public social networking behemoth; though perhaps a pathway to future riches.

The App Center, as it will be called, will list social apps that utilise the social network’s own login feature, listing iOS and...

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Happy Snappii brings in more Android support

The American app maker Snappii, which specialises in rapid mobile apps development, has announced increased support of Android devices.

This means new apps created on the platform will utilise native Android APIs, which gives Snappii more compatibility with Android, increasing productivity and stability.

The primary upshot of this though is greater functionality with their apps, including enhanced colour schemes, leverage of Google Maps, and the ability to create apps in 17 languages.

This is another good...

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 – An Improvement?

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is a sequel, an update if you will. This means that users are expecting an improvement on last year’s model. Slim and bright eyed with a flashy display, and loaded with the usual Samsung hubs, will it prove to be a game changer or a disappointment?

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

The first thing you will notice about the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 when you pick it up is the poor quality feel of its meshed back. Okay, we know it is coming in at a mid-price level (compared to the top level phones out there that proclaim to be smart) but we just don’t feel that...

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5 Steps to Keeping Your Android Phone Secure

keep your android secureThere has been a lot of talk about security holes in Android, and there is no denying the fact that there are viruses, trojans, and other problems with the Android system. On the other hand, there are a number of things that Android users can do to keep their device safe:

  • Don’t be...
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    Android trounces rival mobile platforms in China

    Android was the best selling mobile operating system in China last year as its share of the market doubled to 68.4% by the end of Q4 due to a booming demand for low to medium quality handsets.

    As the price of smartphones comes down, the popularity of handsets from local manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE, running the Android OS, has led to the impressive growth.

    According to the Beijing-based Analysis International, Google’s operating system trounced the competition, with Apple gaining less than 2%...

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    uTest Infographic: Which Android Devices Rock Apps

    Do you play games on your SEMC Xperia Play? Are you a news junkie with an LG Optimus 2X? How do sports apps work on your Samsung Infuse 4G? Ever get frustrated with the music app on your HTC Thunderbolt?

    In our newest uTest Infographic we let the Android Market app reviews do the talking to find out which devices reign supreme (and which fall flat) in the  major app categories.

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    Infographic: Making it big with Android Apps

    Most app makers are really interested in making a lot of money fast, and unfortunately, as the market gets more and more saturated with apps, getting rich quickly is becoming more and more difficult. Even making a reasonable profit from an app is getting more complicated. Take heart, though. There is also an upside.

    Inneractive explains it very well in this infographic, which first appeared on GigaOm on March 28, 2012.

    So here’s...

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