The ‘post-app era’ and flying cars: Why we are still a long way off both


According to Gartner, we should be preparing for the ‘post-app’ era. At last year’s Gartner Symposium one of their top 10 predictions was that “by 2020, smart agents will facilitate 40% of mobile interactions, and the post-app era will begin to dominate.”

Last year was also the year depicted in “Back to the Future” which predicted 30 years ago that many of us would have flying cars by now. At the time it seemed quite logical; cars and aeroplanes...

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Research reveals importance of enterprise apps connecting to the backend


While developers and line of business have different priorities regarding the important elements of enterprise mobile apps, the ability to connect to a backend database appears pivotal to both parties.

That is the key finding from a study conducted by analyst house Bock & Company, and commissioned by Alpha Software. For developers, an easy integration with the backend is the most popular choice, cited by 96% of the almost 2,000 mobile app devs polled, followed by offline...

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How CIOs are working a smarter 9-5 to beat the 5:1 backlog


Industry analysts warn that mobile app demand will soon outstrip internal IT departments' capacity to develop them. According to Gartner, “By the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organisations' capacity to deliver them."

To counter this, I anticipate that CIOs will continue to guide their organisations in the adoption of new working practices and...

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Why mobility is moving faster than the CSO


The future

Alice begins her workday staring at a white wall in order to get the best resolution with her smarteye. The smarteye contact lens projects light into her retinas having the best contrast with a colourless background. Reading midway through the morning news blogs, she receives a gentle tap from her outdated smartwatch. The tap indicates her IoT coffee maker received the trending brew formula from a cyber roaster and has completed its automated task.

She brings a 3D printed...

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Majority of firms using KPIs for mobile seeing positive benefits


A new study released by Red Hat has revealed that three in four organisations who use KPIs to measure mobile applications are seeing a positive return on investment.

The results of the study of 200 private sector organisations, the open source firm argues, reveal a further maturing mobile landscape. Companies are increasingly aware of the need to track mobile, seeing is as an integral part of the business rather than a luxury add-on. 85% of those polled say they are using KPIs on mobile...

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10 enterprise app trends to look out for in 2016


We have come a long, long way since the early days of apps. Whilst some of the early apps were ‘smart’, we are now moving to the age of intelligent apps, where they appear to think for themselves a bit more. The rise of digital personal assistants, background monitoring and activity, deep linking between apps and new technologies mean that apps can do more than ever before. 

Whilst in the early days, apps helped to reduce the amount of data required to load content, now...

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The opportunity for enterprise mobile apps lies where you would least expect it


What’s on the horizon for enterprise apps?

We know there’s a bright future ahead. What you may not have known is how much opportunity there is for mobile apps in unexpected places.

Recently, TechCrunch spoke with Byron Deeter, a venture capitalist at Bessemer Venture Partners. Bessemer has already invested in 10 companies centered on mobile enterprise...

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Slack Platform launches App Directory to facilitate interoperability; announces fund and Botkit for developers

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In order to foster interoperability and ensure progress and productivity does not get lost in silos, the Slack Platform has launched The Slack App Directory, featuring over 160 apps for the benefit of a Slack team. The platform ensures easy installation and curates apps by category, popularity, and staff favourites.

The listings are classified in a number of categories such as design,...

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Enterprise apps will shift to cloud, says IHS Research Director

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Clifford Grossner from IHS talked about the future shift to off-premise enterprise apps at the NexGen Cloud conference in San Diego.

According to Grossner, solution providers will see more applications used by enterprise customers shift off-premise to the cloud, and they need to quickly move to capitalise on the new opportunities created by this shift.

He said: "If...

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In enterprise mobility, “there’s an app for that” is not enough

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Watching the explosion of mobile apps has been, in a word, incredible.

In less than a decade, consumers have gone from having low-tech cell phones to early-stage smartphones to powerful machines that house dozens of mobile apps that do everything from stream music to order you a ride to work.

But as mobile apps have exploded, a problem has followed—and it’s one that often...

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