MAM deployment models for iOS: What to look for


While we’ll leave it up to you to decide which mobile platform is best for your needs, we can say one thing: enterprises hoping to execute an MAM deployment on iOS have quite a few options.

We’ll just get right into it. As it relates to MAM deployments on iOS, there are several different ways to manage and deploy apps, all of which have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your company’s specific needs.

Internal developers

For internal developers who want to...

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Beyond the mobile business: Getting the best of both worlds

Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of business, boosting efficiency and productivity, as well as staff morale and customer satisfaction. Yet many corporate IT teams developing mobile apps are short of time, money, and skills.

Creating a useful and useable mobile application means identifying and understanding what users need from your online service in a mobile context. This whitepaper from Globo outlines the different perspective that is required today.

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IBM and AT&T announce partnership to protect corporate apps and data

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Another enterprise mobile partnership featuring IBM? You’d better believe it. This time Big Blue has teamed up with AT&T to provide secure mobile cloud services and enable a workforce to be “productive without compromising security and the mobile user experience.”

Previously, IBM’s partnerships have included Twitter, providing strengthened enterprise social analytics,

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Businesses see apps as key to their organisation – but management still lacking


According to new research from Accenture, companies are not making the most of their enterprise apps due to poor mobile app management (MAM).

This may come as a surprise to regular readers of this publication. In September, a report from Bitglass found only 9% of organisations polled had a MAM solution in place. But the Accenture research found that while 82% of the...

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Why solving the app gap is essential for enterprise mobility to prevail

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It has taken a while, but the enterprise is finally starting to embrace mobility at scale, with 63% of organisations “believing that mobility provides a competitive advantage.”

The reasons for this evolution are threefold. For one, evidence now exists proving that employees with mobile access to critical workflows increase their productivity by 50%. Secondly,...

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What iOS 9 means for your app management strategy


By Ryan Faas

Apple’s iOS 9 became available last week and more than half of iOS users have already downloaded and installed it. I wrote recently about the overall significance of iOS 9 from an enterprise perspective. Here, I’m going to focus on what iOS 9 means for a mobile apps strategy.

The major change surrounding apps in iOS 9 is the ways in which they are licensed, deployed, and managed.

App procurement and licensing

Let’s start with app licensing. iOS 9 expands on the Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Managed Distribution models, both of which were user-centric.

VPP is a simple way to purchase apps on behalf of employees and then give them the ability to download the app. The employee becomes the...

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Not just any enterprise app store: Cortado co-founds Mobile Business Alliance


Cortado Mobile Solutions, a subsidiary of enterprise mobility and printing provider, Cortado, has launched the Mobile Business Alliance alongside 10 app developers aiming to help businesses find the most suitable apps for their markets more easily.

The 10 partners include no-code app development platform Fliplet, Enough Software and ThinPrint Cloud Services, another subsidiary of Cortado, while the Alliance is encouraging more partners to join.

Apps in the enterprise app store –...

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The importance of extending enterprise apps to support our ‘mobile moments’


The term ‘mobile moment’ was coined in 2014 by Ted Schadler from Forrester Research. He talked about mobile moments as those instants where access to the right mobile app would deliver significant value. These moments may be related to finding an answer to a question, recalling details on some subject, recording thoughts so you won’t forget, or simply communicating.

Schadler emphasises the importance of ‘winning the mobile moment’ for mobile app...

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Are you gambling on your employer’s future with personal app choices?


The BYOD debate is by now a well-trodden path, yet according to new figures released by Veracode, popular gambling applications are proven to be unsafe – and could put corporate data at risk if installed on employees’ personal mobile devices.

According to Gartner estimates, three quarters of mobile apps will fail basic security tests in 2015. Analytics taken from Veracode’s platform also reveal that more than 75% of apps fail basic security policies, such as the Mobile...

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The common lie of ubiquitous mobile coverage for enterprise apps


I have a lot of trouble spelling ubiquitous, but it is a great word and worth the trouble – it means found everywhere. So my proposition is that the universally held truth that mobile coverage is everywhere is indeed a bold lie, but such a good lie that it is rarely challenged. The corollary of this lie is that enterprise mobile apps can be based on web technology and that their resulting dependence on coverage is not an issue.

In truth, mobile coverage has improved...

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