Enterprise mobility applications gain traction in Europe


The mobile communications revolution that has transformed our lives as consumers is now similarly redefining the way forward-looking enterprises manage their operations and engage with employees, partners and customers. The ongoing pursuit of digital business transformation projects are prompting many CIOs to rethink the technologies, services and techniques that underpin their enterprise mobility initiatives - evolving traditional roles, responsibilities and organisational cultures in...

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Red Hat and Samsung announce strategic alliance for mobile enterprise


Ask any executive about news regarding two companies who have come together and harnessed their strengths for enterprise mobile solutions, and the answer would be straightforward. But this time, it’s not Apple and IBM: Red Hat and Samsung have announced a “strategic alliance” to deliver solutions for organisations looking to implement a mobile-first strategy.

Starting off in the US, Samsung Business Services and Red Hat will look to deliver several key products,...

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Mobile app development is still IT’s game – but line of business is gaining ground


Another day, another research report which hits Enterprise AppsTech’s desk on the fragmented relationship between IT and line of business when developing enterprise mobile applications.

This time 451 Research, in a study sponsored by Kony, argues that while more than half of companies plan to deploy 20 or more apps in the coming two years, IT departments are already becoming stretched due to budget limitations, skills gaps and legacy infrastructure.

In the main, IT does the majority (58%)...

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Enterprise app supply will not meet demand – so use RMAD tools, Gartner asserts


The enterprise has a thirst for applications, and it’s becoming more rabid by the day. The problem, however, is that the demand will outstrip capacity. According to Gartner, the demand for enterprise mobile apps will outstrip available development reach by five to one – and it recommends bimodal IT and rapid mobile app development (RMAD) to bridge the gap.

Whether companies utilise RMAD tools, or through a mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) solution, operating a cloud-based...

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Vox Mobile completes $6.7m round of funding to improve enterprise mobile rollouts

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Vox Mobile, the Ohio-based firm which offers ‘enterprise mobility as a service’, has closed a $6.7 million funding round, which the company describes as “strategic investment.”

The funding was led by TELUS Ventures, and included contributions from Mutual Capital Partners Funds, Edison Partners and Permal Capital.

Vox is essentially a middle man to organisations looking at deploying enterprise mobility solutions. Among the products offered are mobility management...

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VMware unleashes identity manager tool, adds App Configuration for Enterprise partners

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VMware has made a plethora of announcements at its Business Mobility event, including the launch of an identity manager tool, and updates to the App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE) initiative.

The identity manager, VMware claims, is the EMM industry’s first identity as a service (IDaaS) solution, integrated with enterprise-class mobility management and security.

Noah Wasmer, end user computing CTO and VP product management at VMware, told Enterprise AppsTech: “Fundamentally at...

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Start small to win big with enterprise mobile apps


Analysts report that nearly half of enterprises have already deployed between one and 10 mobile apps to their employees. For the other half, here are 10 easy steps to get started.

1. Think big. Pick a high impact workflow or an important use case. The objective is to achieve the highest impact with the minimal effort. Look for activities where a large number of people are spending a significant amount of time. It’s something that we learned at school as

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Selecting an application testing provider: Getting the right blend of skills and business sense

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Partnering with the right vendor to test your applications is a critical decision and the investment you make has consequences not only for the security and integrity of your apps, but for the reputation of your business.  You need to have confidence that the testing provider you select has the right blend of skills and tools, as well as a wider understanding of the business and compliance issues at play, so the breadth and scale of tests exactly match your...

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Building enterprise apps: A few simple things you need to consider

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You want to create your first enterprise app project – so where do you go and what do you do from here?

Yad Jaura, European marketing director at Globo, argues apps need to “focus on one thing” and do it well. “What we talk about a lot of focusing on one process, or one element of a process,” he tells Enterprise AppsTech. “Do it really well, and build some confidence among your user base and then take it from there, instead of trying to design an app...

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Insight report: The importance of rapid mobile app development in enterprise mobility

For CIOs worldwide, the pressure of ensuring employees keep up to date with technology and one step ahead with business is onerous. Increasingly, the thrust is on applications, rather than devices, to be the game changer. But as application uptake continues to soar, the time taken to develop each app needs to decrease – otherwise there will be an imbroglio between line of business and IT.

In this exclusive insight report from Enterprise AppsTech, in association with Sitrion, we examine the basics of rapid...

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