What all businesses should know about rapid mobile app development


Considering the rapid growth of the mobile app market, it’s no surprise that so many businesses would spend time and resources developing their own apps to capitalise on the trend. Companies see the potential, not just to create apps appealing to customers but for use within their own organisations. This, combined with the growing bring your own device (BYOD) movement, can turn businesses into well-oiled machines, efficiently increasing...

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Good Technology’s latest Mobility Index shows continued aggressive enterprise app uptake

Picture credit: Good Technology

Latest industry figures from enterprise mobility management provider Good Technology show iOS retains its lead as the leading enterprise operating system, while custom app development across industries grows aggressively.

The numbers, taken from Good customers and found in the firm’s quarterly Mobility Index Report, saw app activation up 28% quarter over quarter, and up 48% from this time last year. Different industry verticals saw different apps preferred; the financial...

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Why business productivity can’t wait – and what you need to do next


There’s no denying that today we live in an application age. With so many common consumer tasks—paying bills, booking travel, buying entertainment, changing appointments and more —easily accomplished with a handheld device, we have all raised our expectations for service and response.

Mobile app advantages

Speed of data delivery can make or break a business in the application age. In many industries, sales, customer service and other external-facing employees make up well...

Beware the zombie app risk in the enterprise, report warns


There are many security risks your organisation has to be wary of, from mobile malware to cybercriminals and even your own employees. Yet a new report from Appthority has revealed a threat which companies may see as remiss – dead apps.

3.9% of Android apps and 5.2% of iOS apps in the Enterprise 100 have ‘zombie’ status – in other words, they’ve been removed from their  app stores and are no longer supported – while approximately a third...

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The move towards rapid enterprise app deployment and development continues apace


More than two thirds of respondents in a survey from app data storage providers Canvas were able to build a mobile business app in one day or less, while a third of organisations used more than five mobile business applications last year.

The survey, of more than 1,600 Canvas customers predominantly at companies which historically relied on paper forms and manual processes, saw a heavy rise in the usage of Google Drive as a file storage app. 33% of respondents said they used Drive in...

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An inconvenient truth: Enterprise mobility is all about the end user

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The enterprise mobility market isn’t getting easier for CIOs. Actually, quite the opposite is occurring, as the IT industry proactively segments the environment so that many correct decisions are needed instead of just one. Worse still, the...

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The benefits of integrating mobile collaboration into your legacy app


Unless you’ve been hiding under a stone you’ll have noticed that the world has gone mobile. According to industry analysts at Gartner, apps developed for mobile devices will outnumber those developed for the PC by four to one in 2015. The meteoric rise of social networking and BYOD, the ubiquitous availability of high speed connectivity and the move to the cloud, means that the working world is no longer governed by a 9-5 mentality. Being connected anytime, anyplace,...

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“I got 99 problems but mobile malware ain’t one”: Verizon’s verdict


The latest Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) from telco giant Verizon has argued that mobile devices are not a preferred vector in data breaches, among other interesting findings.

The 70 page behemoth is a refreshing read, written as it is in a relatively informal style and not the insomnia-inducing texts of competitors. Hence the title for the DBIR mobile section – “I Got 99 Problems and Mobile Malware Isn’t Even 1% of Them”.

One interesting fact...

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Why user experience virtualisation makes so much sense for enterprise apps


Enterprise IT and line-of-business managers are simply unable to keep up with user demand for new mobile applications. Beyond email, calendaring, and simple file sharing, enterprise users want and need mobile access to the applications that support mission critical business processes.  Most large enterprises maintain a huge portfolio of B2E (business-to-employee) applications – some having been purchased from software vendors, others developed in-house. 

The vast...

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Making everyone 'appy': Aligning business and IT with enterprise mobile


No question about it, we’re mobile now. Consumers use smartphones and tablets to do nearly everything. They expect businesses to provide their services through mobile channels, and it’s not only consumers: B2B interaction is mobile, too.

So no matter their business models, organisations need to build mobile enterprise applications into their infrastructures. If they don’t, they miss out on opportunities—large, business-survival-sized opportunities. To put it...

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