Smart-TV content apps drive better user ad engagement

Contextual ads delivered through smart-TVs result in improved user engagement when compared to traditional TV advertising, according to new research into a number of leading brands’ campaigns.

In interviews with consumers, content apps were found to be the most popular method of ad content delivery, generating a great appetite for consumers to engage in additional content from the advertiser’s micro-site.

The UK study, carried out by Decipher Research on behalf of  the digital entertainment...

By Matthew Henkes, 26 April 2012, 0 comments. Categories: Applications.

8 Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile - Square and NFC

Trend #2: Square and Near Field Communications

This is the second article in an eight part series of Jay Shapiro’s “Key Trends for Success in Social and Mobile Marketing” - you can find Part One, here.


If you’re going to market products and services through your mobile app, or channels that significantly involve social media and mobile platforms, it only makes sense that you...

By Jay Shapiro, 14 March 2012, 0 comments. Categories: Applications, App Platforms, HTML5.