Cutting through the hype of big data in small (and large) businesses

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Big Data is one of the most widely-hyped buzzwords of the tech industry, and that means there is a lot of hype and misunderstanding. Worse, concepts like “data science” are constantly thrown around, making this emergent technology appear like black magic to the business leaders who could benefit from it. This blog aims to cut through the hype to help you understand what Big Data is and its relevance to your...

By David Akka, 10 November 2014, 0 comments. Categories: Big Data, Cloud , Enterprise Mobility.

Why a successful CRM needs strategy

I have previously explained my view that the true value of any CRM implementation lies in its ability to provide data to processes across other systems, both internal and external, making it a solution rather than a tool.  As suppliers and customers communicate with your company across more services, it’s vital to be able to access this information, but integrating so many diverse touchpoints can be time-consuming and complex.

As a result, rather than the traditional feature-based approach to choosing a CRM vendor, you might have better...

By David Akka, 11 September 2014, 2 comments. Categories: Big Data, Enterprise Mobility.

Man vs machine: Always consider context when using big data

Technology is a marvelous thing. There is more computing power in your pocket right now than was used to land men on the moon. Advanced computer and software technologies can predict natural disasters, stop crime and even drive driverless cars. Artificial intelligence is a powerful reality, and not just a comic book plotline. With all of these wonderful technological advances, there is an inescapable conclusion: technology coupled with raw, unbiased data offers superior solutions to human judgement.

Yes, the...

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How data quality is key in any integration and mobile project

I just returned from a meeting with one of my clients, a major player in the automotive industry, who have an integration between SAP R/3 and Salesforce.  Every day they send flat file extracts from both systems to an external agency to perform data matching.  This got me thinking, why not add a small data quality, or customer data management, component into your integration workflow, to do this automatically rather than going to an external agency?

I’ve previously stressed the business value...

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How a smart mobile platform gets smarter with in-memory data

I wrote recently about the reasons In-Memory Data Grids (IMDGs) could be a game-changer for enterprise mobility. In that blog I argued that faster processing would allow more users to access business processes on mobile, with instant data retrieval and smart searches; but that this increased connectivity would place greater strain on networks.

Today I want to talk about how smart mobile platforms, underpinned with In-Memory Data Grids, can be used to optimise your enterprise applications’ data needs, and provide some pointers for what to look...

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Microsoft connects its cloud and mobile with SAP’s data, extends partnership

Microsoft and SAP have announced an extension of their partnership, focusing on giving enterprise customers more value from their cloud and mobile devices.

The latest announcement takes SAP business applications on Windows Server to the cloud, with SAP signing off a number of enterprise apps to run on Azure by the end of June. These will include SAP Business Suite, SAP Business All-In-One, and the developer edition of in-memory database SAP HANA.

The two companies have also made generally available...

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Data breach detection and remediation share spotlight at InfoSec

Andrew Kellett, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

The volume and variety of cybersecurity attacks alongside the need for organizations to defend against the types of targeted, advanced persistent threats (APTs) that are now seen as commonplace changed the way that security vendors presented their wares at InfoSec 2014.

The show had much less of a focus on core malware prevention tools, with most vendors appearing to accept that the defense-in-depth strategy is no longer credible. InfoSec vendors...

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