New survey shows employees still don't care about data security

It’s a case of ‘same news, different day’, following the release of a survey by Centrify in conjunction with Osterman Research which reveals that 15% of enterprise workers see they have little responsibility to protect corporate data.

The survey, undertaken in March of more than 500 North American based respondents, also found that less than half (44%) of those polled were ‘hyper-aware’ of their mobile security – in other words, they thought about their responsibility to...

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What Hadoop means for SAS’s product roadmap

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Information Management

At an analyst gathering a few weeks ago, SAS termed Hadoop its strategic development platform for new analytics tools going forward. SAS is ramping up new products and enabling its existing portfolio to work natively in Hadoop. Its advantage starts with a wide and deep library of analytic functions and established data management capability.

SAS aims to exploit Hadoop’s native multithreaded, massively parallel processing capabilities...

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Why employees are the biggest not-so-hidden threat to your business data

Which is the bigger security threat to your business; cyber criminals, or your own employees?

Increasingly that question is being answered with the latter – and research from EE out today has revealed that nearly 10 million devices were lost by UK employees last year.

The survey of 2000 UK consumers, conducted by Vision Critical in March, found that nearly one in five (19%) lost a device on a work night out, while a further 16% of devices continued their journey on public transport long after their...

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Data breach gives Morrisons food for thought

By Phil Barnett, VP of Global Accounts, Good Technology

This week, UK supermarket Morrisons confirmed that one of its employees was behind the data breach of confidential information on employee salaries and bank account details.

This is unlikely to be the sole instance of sensitive data being leaked by an employee. While companies can do as much as...

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CA Technologies outlines new strategy for growth

Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Ovum Software

CA Technologies held a global analyst symposium in January 2014 where it discussed its strategic intent for its full portfolio of capabilities and solutions. Ovum has selected what it believes to be the key messages from the symposium in two related markets where we believe CA Technologies has significant new business opportunities: project and portfolio management (PPM), and infrastructure management.

The market for infrastructure and enterprise management...

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Is in-memory data the end of business intelligence?

Since business intelligence (BI) systems evolved as data warehouses, businesses have been able to analyse and act upon increasing amounts of information that they hold in their databases. However today’s trends towards Big Data and real-time analytics are making BI systems look like dinosaurs: yesterday’s data is too old to be relevant, causing businesses to miss out on opportunities when faced with increasingly agile competitors.

In-memory data is the technology that is making this world a reality, able...

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Cloudera claims the enterprise data hub has arrived, adds streaming

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Information Management

Cloudera announced this week that “the enterprise data hub has arrived.” Specifically, Cloudera has revised product packaging to make it more convenient (and affordable) for clients to buy the whole platform. As we stated when Cloudera first unveiled the enterprise data hub strategy, the vision is practical, but in the short term the primary hub-oriented roles for which the platform is ready are as “data lake” (where...

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Change your data center network OS? Dell and Cumulus make it easier

On January 28, Dell and Cumulus Networks announced a partnership to support an open hardware architecture in the data center by disaggregating networking hardware and the OS that runs on it. Customers purchase bare-metal Ethernet switches and then choose the network OS to be installed rather than buying an integrated product.

An open networking hardware architecture can be attractive to cloud operators or to verticals such as the financial industry that want added control to support particular applications...

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Apple takes first bite at social media analytics

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Software – Information Management

Apple has acquired social media search and analytics start-up Topsy Labs to better understand the needs of users of its smartphone and tablet devices and cloud services. Topsy specializes in analyzing the Twittersphere in realtime, gleaning customer sentiment and trends such as most-often-tweeted terms, key influencers on specific topics, and reaction to marketing campaigns.

Some of Topsy’s capabilities are likely to be pushed into...

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The Internet of Things: Between fear and hype

The Internet of Things (IoT) is hardly a new concept; we have been waiting for it to become reality since Kevin Ashton first proposed the concept back in 1999, but it has always seemed “just a few more years” away, like hydrogen cars or fusion power. Recently that’s all changed and connected smart devices are becoming increasingly common sights, from connected smoke alarms to personal fitness trackers and smart TVs.

Of course, as with all new developments these days the hype around how connected...

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