ALM vendors scramble to add support for Git

Distributed version control tools offer improved performance and better support for branching and merging changes over centralized tools. Git, an open source distributed version control tool, has overtaken other tools, and is now the most popular distributed version control system, with a strong community of users and contributors. This has led to a scramble among ALM tools vendors to add support for Git. Here we look at the support for Git offered by several ALM vendors: Microsoft, Atlassian, CollabNet, HP, and...

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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 raises Big and Fast Data stakes

Although Microsoft’s announcement of SQL Server 2014 carried few surprises, the upcoming release reaffirms the company’s decision to make the platform more scalable, extensible, and secure. Highlights included incorporation of previously announced technologies such as the Hekaton in-memory OLTP engine and the columnar indexes of the Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance, which are now available in the core platform. It is also boosting “always-on” integration and harmonization of tooling with the...

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HANA develops into the platform for SAP’s future

Jens Butler, Principal Analyst, IT ServicesAt its recent annual Sapphire event in Orlando, SAP provided an update on its overarching strategy, which unsurprisingly still had HANA at the fore. Nevertheless, the message around HANA is evolving from a database view to one of a platform where applications can be quickly built, deployed, and run to drive value for businesses. We saw further messaging around SAP’s cloud and mobility offerings, but less prominent were updates on its core ERP offerings and Ariba, which it acquired last...

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Is there a MAP to BYOD?

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Sara, Brad, and Rob at Mocana. A team with a strong security & data loss prevention (DLP) background that are now utilising their underlying technology to provide mobile application security. I had a great discussion about their Mobile App Protection product MAP. The tool looks feature rich, is easy to use, and is maybe just the 'map' you need to...

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Big data must become a first-class citizen in the enterprise

Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software – Enterprise SolutionsFew topics have lately drawn more hype and scrutiny than Big Data. Having originated with Internet firms, Big Data has captured enterprise attention with examples that show how organizations, from public sector to financial services firms, telcos, and media derived insights that improved customer retention, operational efficiency, and risk mitigation. Big Data has drawn media attention with examples that touch people’s lives, such as the massive data hunt...

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Emerging data-driven technologies are paving the way for innovation

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Information ManagementOvum recently attended a SAP-sponsored event hosted by the Churchill Club, a Silicon Valley business and technology forum, on forward-thinking in technology innovation. The two panelists were Alan Kay, founder of Viewpoints Research Institute and who famously said “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”, and Vishal Sikka, head of technology and innovation at SAP. They discussed advances in digital technology that have been...

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IBM’s big data eggs start to hatch

IBM now develops a gamut of innovative software and hardware technologies that can help companies ingest and make sense of Big Data. This was the key message Ovum came away with from a recent analyst conference at IBM’s historic Almaden Labs in San Jose, California, an apt location given the lab’s reputation for ground-breaking innovation in IT, notably the hard disk drive and the SQL database.

The IBM announcements centered on providing greater speed, easier consumption, and quicker deployment of Big...

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Enterprise mobile development: Emerging trends and their impact

In 2011, most employees started using smart mobile devices. In 2012, several businesses allowed users to bring their own devices to work; IT security personnel battled the security problems that this trend gave birth to.

This year, corporate corridors are reverberating with sounds of IT-related words: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Mobile Osmosis, Mobile Device Management, Mobility Apps and Mobile Security.

As someone steeped in mobile enterprise app development and deployment, I'd like to pinpoint three...

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#MWC2013 recap: Specific lessons learned - part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part blog series recapping Mobile World Congress 2013 by guest blogger, Stuart Newstead.  

Entering the doors of the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC2013) – still in Barcelona but at a larger congress centre – was a bit like walking into your local supermarket and finding that all the shelves have been rearranged.  What used to take a few minutes to find now takes hours to locate, and some things aren’t there at all. ...

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