HIMSS13: Mobility, cloud, and data equals creative disruption

Charlotte Davies, Lead Analyst, Healthcare & Life Sciences

The digital revolution and, latterly, the consumerization of IT have brought about massive change in verticals such as retail and banking. This has widened the already considerable gulf between ICT adoption in these sectors and in the healthcare sector. However, at HIMSS13 last week, the annual healthcare conference run by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), there were concrete signs that the combined forces of healthcare...

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Reaping the benefits from next-generation workspaces

Are businesses truly prepared to adopt the most productive practices of high-performance ICT enabled work environments? In search of answers, Cisco commissioned independent research among IT decision makers in enterprise and SME organisations across the UK and Ireland -- to better understand how businesses are responding to macro trends in the marketplace. Next-generation workspaces will be a reality for 76 percent of businesses by 2016, according to the latest market study by Cisco Systems. Their study found that while IT decision makers are primarily focused on reducing IT complexity and balancing investment against cost-cutting, they still must tackle the more forward-looking core IT...

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Cisco security report reveals its personal device policy

“Mobile at Cisco is now BYO, period”, says report

Computing giant Cisco has published its annual Security Report, and has revealed company policy on a range of topics, including BYOD and network security.

Under the ‘BYOD update’ section, Cisco revealed that there were 60,000 devices in use from 70,000 employees, with 14,000 of the devices being iPads.

This may be something of a surprise. Back in October Context...

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5 ways BYOD can harm your company

It's becoming more and more common for workers to store work-related documents on their smartphones, tablet computers and other devices they bring to and from work each day. While this can be convenient - employees can access important documents at home or on the road - it also creates greater security risks for businesses.

Employees’ devices may not be secure

Many employees’ devices have operating systems that are vulnerable to hacking attacks or viruses. This is especially true if the...

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Gartner survey examines CIO agenda in the enterprise

A global survey of CIOs by analyst house Gartner has revealed that mobile technology is forecast to be the most disruptive technology in the enterprise over the next 10 years.

The study, entitled ‘Hunting and Harvesting in a Digital World’ and produced by Gartner Executive Programs, polled over 2000 CIOs amounting to over $230bn (£143.6bn) in IT budgets. And according to the CIOs polled, mobile has a huge part to play in disrupting the current IT landscape.

It’s perhaps unsurprising,...

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6 ways to keep your data safe over the holiday season

GFI Software, a security software provider, has offered a stark warning for those enjoying an extended break over the holiday period: make sure your network is as robust as possible over the holiday season otherwise you could be at risk to cyber criminals.

Of course, with the festive season upon us, the vast majority of offices close down leaving IT operations unmanned for around a week – and as a result, systems could be hacked as a result.

And GFI Software anticipates bring your...

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Top 10 data disasters show importance of device strategy

A woman who gave her hard drive a spin in her washing machine, a man who performed a hit and run on his camera and an iPad which took an impromptu swim in the Gulf of Guinea were just some of the catastrophes which made Kroll Ontrack’s end of year data disaster list.

The ninth annual ‘top 10 data disasters’ list from the data recovery expert found amusing, shocking and just plain baffling stories relayed to Kroll Ontrack engineers throughout the course of the...

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What are your security concerns for the coming year?

The big security themes for 2012 were mobile device and application protection, lack of cloud-based security, data-loss prevention, and the need for Big Data management. If advanced protection requirements and increasing compliance demands are added to the equation, most of these issues will continue to retain a strong influence over proceedings during 2013 and beyond. The thing that is changing is what security professionals believe about the way in which these issues should be addressed.

There is an urgent...

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Which Apps Suck More Data?

Android Eating DataData, data, data, it’s been in the news a lot lately. From carriers throttling “unlimited” plans to the ads in free apps using up more...

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