How one company improved its productivity by prioritising enterprise apps

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Integrated services provider Coopservice has announced a partnership with Ipanema Technologies to improve its IT network, with the result of reduced network costs and performance issues, as well as improved employee productivity.

Ipanema also moved HR and other key applications to the cloud, utilised unified comms tools, including deploying Lync, and replaced the company’s former ERP system with SAP.

Coopservice’s business plan relies on an always-ready network and...

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How Dell utilises BYO PC for its internship programmes

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Feature As one of the world’s leading tech companies, anyone who’s looking to intern at Dell for the summer is naturally going to be technology minded. The result is that Dell doesn’t need to provide them with any technology of their own; just hook up their laptop to the company profile and let them get on with it.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, of course. But it doesn’t carry as glitzy an image as BYOD. According to the company’s research, 40% of firms...

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How Camden Borough Council improves its productivity through BYOD and CYOD

Last week it was revealed that Camden Borough Council had steadily increased the number of mobile devices in its remit.

Following a Freedom of Information Request from Parliament Street, Camden disclosed it now uses 252 mobile devices across the council, compared with 171 in June 2013 and 74 a year before that. That number is comprised of 132 iPhones – 64 iPhone 5 devices – and 45 Samsung models.

It’s not the only London institution to experience a spike in bring your own device deployment, with similar...

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How the NHS aims to improve healthcare by boosting productivity through mobility

It’s long been mooted that giving employees more freedom with their mobile devices will lead to a happier, more productive workforce. Yet the security of information remains paramount – and in a sector such as healthcare, it’s not just the company you’re letting down, but potentially confidential patient details.

With figures ranging from one in five to one in three users admitting to losing devices in public places,

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