Assessing ERP software of the future: Speed, cost, and creativity key


One of the main trends we are bound to observe in the evolution of ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions is the decoupling of cumbersome, large-scale, inflexible all-in-one systems. These systems are giving way to looser and even more highly adaptable options such as cloud applications, SaaS models, alternative integrations, and hybrid IT architecture. This allows for a veritable breeding ground of best in class integrations and combinations to shine.

The natural evolution of ERP...

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A turning point for the CIO: Why it’s time to lead from the front for IT change


As digital transformation starts impacting every industry, the IT department is being recast from a mere operations function into the application engine of the new digital business. The pressure is on IT to deliver the new digital services and applications that will keep customers engaged and the business competitive, and to do so quickly and at low marginal cost. In this new world, a competitive business is a data-driven business, and the CIO is in the spotlight as organisations require...

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Jonathan Reichental, Palo Alto CIO: On changing CIO roles and building smarter cities

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According to a recent research study from IDC, 40% of CIOs view themselves predominantly as ‘custodians of operational infrastructure’, compared to 25% who believed they were ‘business technology innovation officers’. We’ve all heard it before; CIOs need to move from being chief information officers to chief innovation officers, heavily prompted by...

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Digital transformation key but strategy unclear, argues research


A new piece of research released by IFS – the enterprise software provider rather than the financial institute – argues that while the vast majority of enterprises are keen on pursuing a digital transformation strategy, two in five don’t know how to go about it.

86% of the almost 500 senior decision makers across a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive and energy argued digital transformation would play a key role in their market, yet 40% do not...

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Why healthcare CIOs and directors are concerned over meeting 2020 paperless deadline


Two in five healthcare professionals admit that patient records are not currently digitised in their organisation, while the move to mobile and wearable technology is gaining momentum, according to a new survey from OpenText.

The report, conducted via iGov Survey, found interesting benefits for those who had already digitised certain records; access to data anytime, anywhere was considered important to almost half (49%) of those polled, while faster access to data and information...

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Why the CIO needs to integrate more with the CMO and CFO


The changing role of the CIO has been widely scrutinised and contains many parts; but a new piece of research from Vendavo argues CIOs, as well as CTOs, will team up more often in future with CMOs and CFOs to drive profit for their organisations.

The study, which was conducted in collaboration with Patrick Reinmoeller, professor of strategic management at the Cranfield School of Management in Bedford, gives more of an idea of how the C-suite needs to work in harmony for better business...

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Gartner’s 2016 EMM Magic Quadrant: VMware edging ahead – but it’s not the whole story


Updated 22 June Yes, it’s that time of year again. While perhaps not as glamorous as awards season, analyst report season is always important for the software and hardware companies at the heart of the enterprise mobility management (EMM) movement. And, all things considered, it’s increasingly looking like a pattern is emerging.

In both the IDC rankings, released...

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The key questions CIOs will have about rapid mobile app development – and the answers


With many core IT functions either becoming a commodity or being outsourced to the cloud, the job of the CIO is quickly evolving. It has become a much more people-centric role as suggested by the recently published 2016 Accenture Technology Vision report claims that the business world is in a state of “digital culture shock.”

The abundance of technology available, on its own, hasn’t helped technology leaders...

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Analysing the chief digital officer and the rise of the digital enterprise

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IT departments need to move beyond keeping the digital lights on and move swiftly toward building the digital enterprise their organisation needs to innovate and succeed.

The demand for business apps is increasing, outstripping the IT department’s ability to deliver them. Many of us are familiar with the stories of lengthy app backlogs and IT project deadline  ̶  and cost  ̶  overruns. These are among the reasons why so many enterprise workers and...

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Report notes disparity between CIO and IT on organisational innovation


CIOs and senior management are more likely to be optimistic about how agile and innovative their company is – but IT and management lower down the scale know better.

This disconnect is one of the key findings from a research study released today by cloud services provider Claranet. The research, which polled IT professionals across Europe, found 42% of senior management believe their company has “a culture that supports innovation and takes risks.” This number drops...

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