More companies looking to employ a mobile strategist, research finds


Research from backend provider Kinvey has revealed three out of four organisations have created roles to manage and deploy mobile strategy.

The role of the ‘mobile strategist’ has been debated in the past, but according to the survey, the goal for this new job description is simply to drive business impact. 76% of those polled say their goal for mobile is to engage customers wherever they are; 75% look to create new revenue paths; while 72% look to reduce overall...

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Why the world's leading businesses trust BlackBerry

There are dozens of enterprise mobility solutions on the market. So why should your organization choose BlackBerry? What sets us apart? There’s a long list of reasons, from the lowest TCO to the most security certificates. In this brief document, we’ve highlighted just a few key points – the ones our customers tell us matter most to them.

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The CIO’s guide to enterprise mobility management

CIOs make tough decisions every day. To make the right ones, you have to trust your sources and be confident that you’re prioritizing the right issues.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is top of mind for most CIOs today, not just because of BYOD and COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled), but also because of the clear opportunity that mobility presents to boost productivity, customer engagement, job satisfaction and more.

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Why today is the best and worst time to be a CIO

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The Charles Dickens classic A Tale of Two Cities begins with the words, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Dickens was speaking about the era surrounding the French Revolution, but those words still resonate with every CIO as he or she looks forward to 2015.

CIOs are facing with a range of challenges in the coming year, but those challenges also bring unique opportunities. With the right mindset and determination, every CIO can thrive and build an IT organization...

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Work more than three hours a day on a mobile device? We’re all part of the mobile workforce

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Almost nine in 10 survey respondents in a study conducted by cloud workflow provider ManyWho said their employees regularly spend more than three hours a day working from a mobile device.

The research, which was conducted at the Apps World Europe event last month and targeted C-level executives, aimed to measure how the approach to business process is evolving among senior management and developers.

The results found 91% who said that being able to use apps to run their...

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How one company uses wearables in the workplace – even if it’s a CIO’s nightmare

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Here’s one firm which is using wearable tech at the office. Cloud services company Appirio has brought CloudFit into work, with the aim of improving employee morale and reducing health insurance costs.

The program, which is entirely voluntary, utilises a Fitbit device, and is part of a wider trend seen by Trend Micro in its latest research: employers actively pursuing opportunities to utilise wearable technology in the workplace. 61% of organisations polled in the 100-strong...

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The questions every CIO should ask about Apple Watch

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Apple recently released the developer tools and guidelines for Apple Watch, giving users and developers a preview of how the device and apps designed for it will function.

Apple Watch won’t be the first wearable or smartwatch on the market, but it is the first such device that has generated significant positive interest among consumers and the mainstream press, and it is considered by many to be the first break-through smartwatch. That means that it will not only create...

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New paper warns of “app delivery chasm” for enterprises

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A survey from Mendix has found nearly three quarters of IT departments are not equipped to handle the increasing demand for enterprise applications.

The report’s findings showed the primary fault is IT’s lack of capability for rapid app delivery. 69% of IT departments are consistently delivering projects too late, according to the survey of 470 global IT and business professionals, while 89% admit they’re unable to reduce their workload year on year.

The problem...

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CIOs urged to keep clarity with file sharing policies – or face the consequences

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A research note from enterprise mobility provider Cortado has found that while many employees share files and collaborate on a variety of devices, there are still security fears.

The report, which surveyed more than 350 consumers and business users, found that only 15% of respondents didn’t share files, with three quarters of respondents only sharing files between one and five people. The vast majority of those polled also said they shared with a private group known to them,...

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