Research reveals CIOs relying on intuition than data for big decisions


The role of the CIO has always been a high pressured one. But the majority of execs don’t help themselves by all too often relying on intuition and gut feel rather than data.

That’s the latest finding from research conducted by Colt. Of the 301 European senior technology decision makers questioned, more than two thirds (68%) of CIOs say they base high pressure decisions on instinct and experience more than any other factor. Despite that, three quarters (76%) admitted their...

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CIOs under more pressure due to increasingly strategic role of IT


More than three quarters (76%) of CIOs and senior IT leaders in the UK, France and Germany feel greater personal risk when making big decisions as IT becomes more strategic to the business, according to new research from Colt.

As regular readers of this publication will recognise, the business transformation projects C-level executives have to undertake are of increasing significance, as organisations strive to use mobility for greater efficiency and competitive advantage.

Yet while CIOs...

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Why businesses adopting big data, cloud and mobility grow 53% faster than peers


  • Orchestrating big data, cloud and mobility strategies leads to 53% greater growth than peers not adopting these technologies.
  • 73% of midmarket companies say the complexity of their stored data requires big data analytics apps and tools to better gain insights from.
  • 41% of midmarket companies are using big data to better target marketing efforts.
  • 54% of midmarket companies’ security budgets are invested in security plans versus reacting to threats.

These and many other insights are from Dell’s second annual

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DevOps pain points for CIOs: More speed but less haste required


An effective DevOps strategy, as well as addressing unified testing issues, remains major concerns for the majority of CIOs and decision makers, according to research from Appvance.

The study, which was conducted by Vanson Bourne and polled 200 enterprise IT decision makers in the US, found 91% of CIOs agreed that executing a DevOps strategy is a top priority for their organisation, while the same number agreed addressing integrated unified testing is similarly critical.

In terms of...

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How companies buy mobility products: Broad changes taking place


Astonishing changes are happening within businesses as mobile technology becomes more and more central to their IT, business operations and digital transformation initiatives. Results from our recent Decision-Maker Mobile Technology Survey, 2015 show us these changes are broad-ranging.

They encompass new buyers and spending levels, new priorities and challenges, as well as shifts in distribution channels and brand affinities.

In August 2015, we surveyed 589 mobile technology decision-makers in...

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CIOs ignoring expertise of corporate IT in enterprise service delivery


A survey of UK CIOs has revealed that business are ignoring the service management expertise of IT as they seek to overhaul other standard corporate functions.

The research, undertaken by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Fruition Partners, found businesses are investing an average of £750,000 to streamline service delivery via technological improvement. As enterprises will spend approximately £150,000 to boost non-IT functions with technology, this would result in...

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The Cisco and Apple deal looks good on paper – but what can the CIO take away today?


Cisco and Apple have announced a partnership to optimise Cisco networks for iOS devices and create a ‘fast lane’ for iOS business users.

Whereas eight years ago Cisco was winging a lawsuit to Cupertino for allegedly infringing its iPhone trademark, the companies now have a mutual goal. The deal continues to play into the trend of Apple building, rather than burning, bridges with technology giants, and has echoes with the enterprise app partnership announced with IBM one year...

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Report finds CIOs understanding how mobile technologies drive employee efficiency


A C level-focused report from Robert Half Technology argues that improving customer experience and driving employee efficiency will be the key drivers for technology to deliver growth in their business.

The paper, entitled “IT Innovation: Harnessing Technology to Attract Skilled IT Talent”, examined – as one would expect – hiring strategies for CIOs as mobile technologies become more pervasive, yet also explored the future landscape of the office. 96% of the CIOs...

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Driving the culture shift towards the successful IT department of 2020

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/elwynn1130)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spoken a lot about what the successful IT department of five years from now will look like and the core skills CIOs will need to to manage that IT department. Getting to that vision will require well planned leadership because it requires a culture shift within the IT department as much as a change in technology.

The biggest challenge is that IT needs to become a trusted advisor and service provider to every line...

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Shadow IT and why the CIO should not be the ‘CI-NO’ but an enabler of change


A new report from Fruition Partners argues CIOs are not applying traditional IT service management (ITSM) processes to cloud technologies.

The survey, which buttonholed 100 CIOs, revealed more than four in five (83%) say ‘cloud sprawl’ makes IT management more complex. Looking at it another way, IT departments simply are not applying the same testing standards to the cloud as they would for in house IT services. One company, in the construction sector, found they had 300...

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