Enterprise mobility adoption drivers: Why you can’t wait for it to just ‘blow over’


Here are just a few reasons for companies not to wait for this whole enterprise mobility thing to blow over:

Customer engagement

It is difficult to believe now, but there were times when it was possible for a company not to have a website. CIOs at companies large and small were raising security concerns related to online presence and hosting long website ROI meetings. These days we are doing it again, this time discussing return on investment in mobile websites and apps.

Truth be told,...

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Enter the chief digital officer: Creating a roadmap to the enterprise of the future


Everywhere you look, businesses are being rejuvenated and reinvented, utilising new technologies and tools in an effort to tap into the digital advantage. This process of digitalisation is as unstoppable as it is irreversible; organisations are investing heavily to stay afloat in the new digital age. As such, digitalisation has moved way beyond high-concept discussions at the board level, to the creation of detailed roadmaps and the implementation of new ways of working and service...

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The enterprise information flow is changing, but the mission of the CIO is not


There has been a lot of speculation about how the role of the CIO will change in a mobile first world. The impact of mobility and cloud services are changing the relationship between IT and the rest of an organisation. Executives, line of business managers, and individual employees can source their own technology solutions.

It’s easy for CIOs and IT leaders to see this as a terrifying prospect – and that’s completely understandable. There is a sense that this can lead to a loss of control or influence. That is certainly a cause for concern.

The reality, however, is that this doesn’t mean the sky is falling. On the contrary, this is a unique opportunity for...

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Putting the I back into CIO: It's all about information


There is an ongoing debate in many companies about whether the revolution of BYO, mobile apps, and cloud services – all of which accelerate shadow IT – is lessening or increasing the scope of the CIO role. Some in the business and tech media have gone so far as to declare that the title might soon vanish from the business lexicon.

The arguments, both pro and con, assume that the CIO role must fundamentally change. This is true. There is disruption in end-user requirements, technology platforms, selection process, IT governance, and so on. 

These changes impact every facet of IT, including the CIO, but they rarely start with – or even acknowledge – two important questions. First, what is the mission of the CIO? Second, is that mission...

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Enterprise mobility: The invitations are out but the dance floor is empty

The UPS guy has asked for your signature on parcel delivery for more than a decade. The water utility technician has received call outs on his Toughbook to fix pipe breakages in front of your house for a similar period. But we were told that these industrial users would be eclipsed in the corporation as a thousand apps arrived to mobilise every aspect of the enterprise.

Gartner even has a smart presentation showing the maths needed to reach one thousand enterprise apps per company. Their point being that such...

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CIOs understand need to change IT delivery models, but struggle to force it through


Research unveiled by Dimension Data, in association with Ovum, has found while more than half of companies have developed plans to introduce a service-centric approach to IT delivery, it is still a struggle to make the business case to fully implement them.

The announcement, made at Cloud Expo Europe, reveals most CIOs have a good understanding of the need to move to an IT model which tracks actual usage and is transparently priced. Yet less than a third (32%) have secured funding to...

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How Brazil is leading the world in putting the "I" back in "CIO"


By Ryan Faas

Recently a headline at ZDNet, Shadow IT in Brazil surpasses world average , caught my eye. The short piece reported on a study carried out by Vanson Bourne on behalf of British Telecom that showed that technology spending outside the auspices of IT at Brazilian companies accounted for 32% of all enterprise technology purchases, notably higher than the global average of 25%.

That piece of the story was somewhat interesting as were some of the other statistics found in the study.

  • 88% of IT shops in Brazil...

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How Capriza is exploring one avenue of the changing face of enterprise app development


Feature The enterprise apps landscape is changing at a rapid rate – and the CIO’s mindset has to change with it.

No longer can you rule with an iron fist, by handing your employees mobile devices that they will work on whether they like it or not, and deliver some out of date dictum about what apps they can and can’t use. Your employees will get around it, and it’s up to you and IT to harness this extra productivity while keeping your crown jewels safe.

The problem...

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Ojas Rege: On embracing shadow IT and the changing mindset of the CIO

Picture credit: MobileIron

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider MobileIron has been subtly altering its strategy in recent months. The tagline is “securing the personal cloud” and the theory is one VP strategy Ojas Rege argues many of the Mountain View firm’s competitors aren’t examining: shadow IT, famously a bugbear of CIOs and IT, could and should be used as a competitive advantage.

Part one of this strategy was rolled out in October, when MobileIron launched native access to cloud-based...

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The impact of BYOD from a software and applications perspective


There is no doubt about it; being a CIO is more difficult than ever.

Once upon a time the life of an enterprise CIO was relatively straightforward.  Of course we thought it was pretty damn complicated at the time, but looking back with the beauty of hindsight, knowing what we know now, we can see we had far fewer choices and far less risk to manage.

Enterprise IT done well goes unnoticed, it happens seamlessly, without interruption.  Of course, everyone thinks they can...

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