How CxOs can transition their enterprises to be agile

Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Infrastructure Solutions

Agile and lean thinking is now practiced in the mainstream business, beyond the IT department. Agile business processes typically replace legacy waterfall ones, which are characterized by too much up-front effort, long delivery times, and disappointing outcomes. Agility in the business has the benefit of “failing fast,” which means gaining feedback through incremental delivery and being able to steer away from problems quickly, at...

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How CIOs can help out IT illiterate CEOs

By Nick Razey, Next Generation Data

Systems failures, and not only high profile ones such as those experienced by RBS recently, highlight why CEOs and other senior leaders must become more aware of their corporate IT. It seems that many are only too happy to remain overly reliant on IT staff and external consultants.  

“So what?” says the CEO, “I don’t run an IT company so why should I worry?” This is where a strong forward thinking CIO can make a step change in the...

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Countdown to Windows XP shutdown: Dutch government joins UK in extension

At the time of writing, there is 13 hours, 52 minutes and 48 seconds left to go before Microsoft officially stops support for Windows XP – and still, many people are leaving it to the last minute.

The Dutch news site Webwerald reports that the country’s government has joined the UK premiership by shelling out between €6.8m and €8m on Windows XP support from Microsoft for another year. This works out at...

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How telcos are learning about life in the ICT channel

David Molony, Principal Analyst, Enterprise

Telecoms operators in enterprise managed services have some experience of selling through channel partners such as local resellers or integrators. Even so, they have been slow to develop the commercial skills and systems to drive this important part of the business in the disciplined way that IT companies do. Now, however, there are signs that telcos are learning valuable lessons in channel partner management.

The cloud model is driving telcos into the channel


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Why flash storage offers compelling benefits for the enterprise

Amrita Choudhury, Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

With exponential growth in data volumes driven by cloud computing, Big Data, analytics, mobility, social media, server/storage virtualization, digital media, and large-scale transactions, storage systems have struggled to meet the required performance levels.

Data needs to be available on the go, and this has made enterprises rethink their storage strategies, especially for applications that require high performance and quick response times.

Flash storage...

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Debunking 10 enterprise application integration myths

I talk to a lot of people about enterprise integration, and I find that there are several widely held beliefs which are preventing people from really understanding the benefits integration can bring their organisations. Below are some that I believe are most important and the truth behind each one.

1) All integration products are the same

There are two main types of integration tool: on one side you have data synchronisation / upload tools; and on the other is process-based integration. This isn’t just...

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Microsoft’s act of kindness with XP support extension bails out enterprises

Microsoft has announced an extension to its support for Windows XP, providing updates to its antimalware software until July 14 2015.

This is more than a year ahead of the original end date of April 8 2014 – although Redmond was clear to point out that all other aspects of the end date is status quo.

Yet this is an interesting about turn – and all the evidence points to one conclusion: organisations have simply failed to heed the doomsday advice.

Proof of this came in

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The outlook for healthcare and ICT spending: long-term gain requires short-term pain

Charlotte Davies, Lead Analyst, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare costs and healthcare efficiency remain a major battleground. On the one hand, governments face the impact of ageing populations and growing consumer expectations of better care. On the other hand, as part of significant healthcare reform, cost-reduction and care-transformation programs, including more optimal use of ICT, are on the rise.

The economics of healthcare are more challenging than those of other verticals, with funding and...

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Gartner warns companies aren’t adopting “third era of enterprise IT”

The latest survey from Gartner has revealed that the majority of CIOs are not prepared for “digitalisation”, a movement which the analyst house calls the ‘third era of enterprise IT’.

This third era is one which will be characterised by the Nexus of Forces – cloud, social, mobile – and the Internet of Things, although if online reaction to Google’s acquisition of Nest earlier today is anything to go by, consumers

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Okta’s Chris England on surprise at “rapid” UK IAM adoption

“I’ve been in IT about 25 years myself, and I’ve seen the same wave happen again and again,” Chris England, director of business development and marketing EMEA at cloud-based identity provider Okta explains.

He could be talking about the rinse and repeat nature of the IT industry, where the technology improves but the same problems remain; but more of that later.

Here England was discussing the difference in UK and US tech adoption rates – but for Okta, whose...

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