Why leaving that BYO policy unfinished could be lethal for the CTO

By Adrian Thirkill, COO and MD-UK, Easynet Global Services

In the 80s, the acronym ‘BYO’ on an invitation, or displayed in the window of a restaurant,  strictly referred to ‘Bring your own bottle’. That trend, along with lukewarm Lambrusco presented proudly at parties, has thankfully fallen by the wayside.

Now, as we all know, ‘BYO’ is more common in the world of IT. BYOD, BYOE or BYOWoW (Bring Your Own Way of Working) as we like to call it, is prolific.

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Enterprise mobility key battleground for Indian CIOs, survey finds

According to a new report from Ernst & Young and India’s CIO Klub, chief information officers in India will look at enterprise mobility as a key facet for their businesses going forward.

The report, “Enterprise IT trends and investment 2013”, is in its fifth year and examines responses from more than 180 CIOs across major verticals.

During the five years of the report, it has charted the wide range of business change and challenges for CIOs during turbulent economic times.


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Report notes worrying lack of mobile security in US Army

A report from the Inspector General of the United States Department of Defense has revealed a worrying lack of knowledge regarding personal device policy in the US Army.

The report, released at the end of last month, uncovered alarming practice in the military – the most damning statistic being that the Army CIO was unaware of more than 14,000 mobiles used throughout the army.

Other trends noted in the report included the revelation that the US Department of Defence were not able to wipe devices that...

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Reaping the benefits from next-generation workspaces

Are businesses truly prepared to adopt the most productive practices of high-performance ICT enabled work environments? In search of answers, Cisco commissioned independent research among IT decision makers in enterprise and SME organisations across the UK and Ireland -- to better understand how businesses are responding to macro trends in the marketplace. Next-generation workspaces will be a reality for 76 percent of businesses by 2016, according to the latest market study by Cisco Systems. Their study found that while IT decision makers are primarily focused on reducing IT complexity and balancing investment against cost-cutting, they still must tackle the more forward-looking...

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Windows 8 Surface Pro: Is it the tablet to put your CIO’s BYOD concerns to rest?

By Brian Berger, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales

The much-anticipated Surface Pro launch was met with widespread shortages, with reports of long lines of would-be buyers in Seattle and Bellevue. Within a matter of hours, the 128 GB version had sold out online.

If these shortages are an accurate reflection of the demand Microsoft was hoping for, it’s just a matter of time before the first Surface Pros (and their kin) start appearing in your organisation.

And if you’re the CIO,...

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Role of a Chief Innovation Officer for the 21st century

Has your organisation fully prepared to take advantage of enterprise mobility solutions and associated cloud service offerings? If not, then perhaps you lack the leadership of a savvy CIO - that is, a Chief Innovation Officer that can enable your business for prosperity in the global networked economy. In the current operating environment, organizations need to improve the efficiency of business processes and provide better services and innovative products to customers through both established and emerging channels to ensure competitive advantage in the...

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Healthcare ICT customer perspectives: There is room for optimism

Charlotte Davies, Lead Analyst, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Attitudes toward the use of ICT within healthcare vary depending on experience and belief. Of course, this is true of attitudes toward technology adoption in general, but the healthcare sector has always lagged considerably behind other verticals on the ICT development road. Our latest customer survey reveals a wide spectrum of adoption levels, strategies, and budgets around the world. Overall, there is room for optimism. We see a growing realization of the potential...

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Samsung hones its enterprise mobility focus with KNOX launch

Samsung unveiled the next phase of its program to make its Android smart devices fit for enterprise deployment with the announcement of KNOX. KNOX provides an end-to-end package of security services that reach from the hardware to the application layer. These include a secure “application container”, which is similar to BlackBerry’s Balance, plus support for over 300 IT policies and more than 700 mobile device management application programming interfaces.

KNOX demonstrates Samsung’s growing appreciation...

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IBM expands MobileFirst initiative to protect iOS enterprise apps

Tech giant IBM is rolling out enhanced enterprise security software, in the shape of IBM AppScan Source 8.7 for iOS, helping keep Apple apps and devices safe.

This is another indication that IBM, expanding on its MobileFirst initiative, is strengthening its mobile plays, having made 10 acquisitions in the mobile realm since 2006.

Part of the software’s appeal, according to IBM, is that it can automatically identify the path of data in an application, how it enters and leaves.

The problem of data leakage is an...

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Dell going private can generate uncertainty for CIOs

By Carter Lusher, Research Fellow & Chief Analyst: Enterprise Applications Ecosystem

Dell going private makes strategic sense. Dell is in the midst of a wrenching transition from a supplier of commodity hardware, mainly traditional PCs, to a supplier of enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. Dell’s ambition is nothing less than offering the entire IT stack with supporting services. While this transition has been going on for several years, there is still much that has to be done. Unfortunately for Michael Dell and...

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