Less than a third of large companies have BYOD policies, Samsung finds

According to the latest research from Samsung Electronics, just over three in 10 large European organisations have a formal BYOD policy in place, with a further 21% having more informal regulations in place.

This may serve as yet another reminder for companies looking to improve company morale by mobilising the workforce; keep security provisos unstructured and you may come unstuck.

What’s more worrying is that for more than a third of the 490 European respondents (34%), they had experience or were...

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Latest Forrester research shows disconnect between CIO and IT

The latest research, this time from Forrester in partnership with the TBM Council, has revealed that CIOs are not aligned with their colleagues in terms of communicating the value of IT operations.

The report, entitled “The Business Technology Value Scorecard”, examined why the message was getting lost between business and IT:

  • On average, business believed IT had 60% more budget than it actually did
  • Business leaders believe on average that IT spend is 8% of the company revenue, when infact it’s nearer 5%
  • 50% of those surveyed said that IT...

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Splunk unveils Enterprise 6, unlocks data analytics for whole business

Big data darling Splunk has released the latest iteration of its enterprise platform, which gives all facets of the workforce the chance to access key data and operational intelligence.

The move takes a step towards business commoditisation, bridging the gap between IT and the rest of the organisation.

“We understand that the most successful organisations in the world give equal access to the data, regardless of skill level, to drive smart decisions that have true business impact,” said Splunk CEO...

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MobileIron VP strategy Ojas Rege on BlackBerry’s future and the changing CIO

The face of the traditional enterprise is in a constant state of change. As recently as three years ago, big companies would hand out BlackBerries to their employees, with the CIO calling the shots from the boardroom.

Now, with BlackBerry’s turbulent spell and the ever changing role of the CIO, change is as good as a rest.

Ojas Rege, VP strategy at MobileIron, is a firm believer that the magic is only just starting to happen regarding mobility strategy.

Speaking to Enterprise AppsTech, Rege described...

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Huddle survey advocates data protection, not device

It’s increasingly becoming a post-PC landscape – and the latest industry report has fired out a warning shot for CIOs who are tempted to take their foot off the gas in keeping employee devices secure.

Nearly three quarters (73%) of the 2000 respondents to a US survey by cloud collaboration provider Huddle admitted that they had downloaded personal apps onto their corporate-owned devices, with 62% ‘fessing up to smartphone downloads and 45% doing likewise on enterprise-issued...

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There’s no such thing as a typical BYOD-er

Richard Absalom, Analyst, Consumer Impact IT

The results of Ovum’s second annual multi-market employee “bring your own device” (BYOD) survey are now available (see Multi-market BYOD survey 2013 results: BYOD is not going away). Of the many findings, one that has become obvious over both years is that there is no such thing as a typical employee. This makes life difficult for those responsible for planning and implementing an enterprise mobility strategy, as they have to deal with the various preferences and...

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The IT landscape in 2014: Rationalise to economise

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

With retailers launching their Christmas products, albeit in the midst of a heatwave, thoughts are turning already to 2014 and the issues that will top the corporate IT agenda.

As Mr Osborne claims triumphantly that the UK is emerging from austerity, the focus for us all will be less on cost-cutting and more on getting our IT estates in order, making the most of what we have and carefully identifying where we need to allocate spend.

Two words we’re...

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Good Technology changes product licensing model, ramps up pressure

Good Technology has announced licensing changes to its Good for Enterprise model, allowing customers secure email, calendar, document data and browser capability from $5 per user per month.

The move comes as a distinct strategy change for Good, moving from a per-device to a per-user offering. As a result, it means the vendor is opening up its potential user base, beginning to focus on the lower enterprise and the mid-market.

Good’s traditional clients have always come from the upper echelons of the...

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CIO cost and complexity fears block enterprise mobility rollout

The lack of mobile applications from within the enterprise can be put down to three primary reasons: cost, complexity and security.

That’s according to the latest survey from enterprise app and data security provider Mobile Helix, whose survey of 300 CIOs in conjunction with Vanson Bourne affirms the company’s view; enterprises shouldn’t approach mobility by deploying native apps.

Development cost (65%), security risks (63%) and increased maintenance cost (48%) were seen as the big barriers...

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Change at the top of SAP means business as usual

Carter Lusher, Research Fellow & Chief Analyst: Enterprise Applications Ecosystem

On July 21, 2013, SAP issued a brief statement saying that Jim Hagemann Snabe will step down as co-CEO, effective May 2014, at which time co-CEO Bill McDermott will become sole CEO. Snabe is also being nominated to join the SAP supervisory board, with shareholder approval expected at the SAP annual general meeting of shareholders in May 2014. Because approval requires only 25% of the shareholder votes, it would be extremely...

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