Good Technology changes product licensing model, ramps up pressure

Good Technology has announced licensing changes to its Good for Enterprise model, allowing customers secure email, calendar, document data and browser capability from $5 per user per month.

The move comes as a distinct strategy change for Good, moving from a per-device to a per-user offering. As a result, it means the vendor is opening up its potential user base, beginning to focus on the lower enterprise and the mid-market.

Good’s traditional clients have always come from the upper echelons of the...

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CIO cost and complexity fears block enterprise mobility rollout

The lack of mobile applications from within the enterprise can be put down to three primary reasons: cost, complexity and security.

That’s according to the latest survey from enterprise app and data security provider Mobile Helix, whose survey of 300 CIOs in conjunction with Vanson Bourne affirms the company’s view; enterprises shouldn’t approach mobility by deploying native apps.

Development cost (65%), security risks (63%) and increased maintenance cost (48%) were seen as the big barriers...

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Change at the top of SAP means business as usual

Carter Lusher, Research Fellow & Chief Analyst: Enterprise Applications Ecosystem

On July 21, 2013, SAP issued a brief statement saying that Jim Hagemann Snabe will step down as co-CEO, effective May 2014, at which time co-CEO Bill McDermott will become sole CEO. Snabe is also being nominated to join the SAP supervisory board, with shareholder approval expected at the SAP annual general meeting of shareholders in May 2014. Because approval requires only 25% of the shareholder votes, it would be extremely...

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CIOs again see employees as biggest cyber security threat

For more than half of executives, the greatest threat to sensitive corporate data stems from the company’s own employees, rather than external forces.

The report from IT Governance, entitled the ‘Boardroom Cyber Watch’, examined over 250 responses from a wide variety of sectors globally, ranging from technology, to healthcare and financial services.

53% of those polled said employees were the greatest risk to company data, ahead of criminals (27%) and competing organisations (8%).

One in...

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Employees don’t trust employers with personal data, report finds

There is a huge gap between the employee and the IT department in terms of BYOD expectations, according to a new report.

The study of over 3000 employees globally from Aruba Networks revealed that, for at least one in three organisations globally, the IT department has no provisions in place to secure corporate files and applications.

51% of Americans, 35% of those in the Middle East and 34% of Europeans noted this, with two in three Americans (66%) worried about losing personal data as a result.

When asked...

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Once more unto the data security breach

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

Too many businesses are sharing a masochistic approach to corporate data security.

A security breach occurs which completely bypasses any incident management plan, and companies kick themselves. The worse the impact of the breach, the harder the kick.

CTOs may well have put a framework in place, but invariably it isn’t shared with staff and was put together in the days before we began producing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. The landscape...

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Antenna Software CMO Jim Somers: Mobility a “tsunami” for businesses

Enterprise AppsTech had an extensive briefing with Antenna Software chief marketing and strategy officer Jim Somers on the prevalence of bring your own app, who wears the trousers in making big IT infrastructure decisions, and the rise and rise of the enterprise app store

The role of IT in enterprise mobility rollout is changing significantly. With the rise of BYOD, BYOA and enterprise applications, IT departments now have to say ‘yes’ to technologies they’d have given the thumbs down to...

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Amtel CEO PJ Gupta: Geofencing key for BYOD in education

In the latest of a series on BYOD for education, Enterprise AppsTech talks to PJ Gupta, the CEO of device management and telecom expense management Amtel, on the cloud, keeping networks safe and geofencing

Plenty of column inches of late have been dedicated to incorporating bring your own device into the education sector. The benefits, on first glance, appear insurmountable; more interactive learning, more productive students, fewer bulky textbooks to carry around.

It represents a huge change in mentality for the school...

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CIOs losing influence in key IT purchasing decisions

Maxine Holt, Practice Leader, Enterprise SolutionsWhile the CIO is still the biggest influencer in making key IT purchasing decisions, other stakeholders are now playing an increasingly important role.

This particularly the case in larger enterprises (5,000 or more employees) because all too frequently, discussions with IT take place at the solution architecture level, rather than at a functional business or visionary level.

These new influencers: CEOs, CFOs, and chief operating officers (COOs), take a...

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