Samsung hones its enterprise mobility focus with KNOX launch

Samsung unveiled the next phase of its program to make its Android smart devices fit for enterprise deployment with the announcement of KNOX. KNOX provides an end-to-end package of security services that reach from the hardware to the application layer. These include a secure “application container”, which is similar to BlackBerry’s Balance, plus support for over 300 IT policies and more than 700 mobile device management application programming interfaces.

KNOX demonstrates Samsung’s growing appreciation...

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IBM expands MobileFirst initiative to protect iOS enterprise apps

Tech giant IBM is rolling out enhanced enterprise security software, in the shape of IBM AppScan Source 8.7 for iOS, helping keep Apple apps and devices safe.

This is another indication that IBM, expanding on its MobileFirst initiative, is strengthening its mobile plays, having made 10 acquisitions in the mobile realm since 2006.

Part of the software’s appeal, according to IBM, is that it can automatically identify the path of data in an application, how it enters and leaves.

The problem of data leakage is an...

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Dell going private can generate uncertainty for CIOs

By Carter Lusher, Research Fellow & Chief Analyst: Enterprise Applications Ecosystem

Dell going private makes strategic sense. Dell is in the midst of a wrenching transition from a supplier of commodity hardware, mainly traditional PCs, to a supplier of enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. Dell’s ambition is nothing less than offering the entire IT stack with supporting services. While this transition has been going on for several years, there is still much that has to be done. Unfortunately for Michael Dell and...

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How smart is your corporate network?

By Adrian Thirkill, Easynet’s UK Managing Director

IT has undergone a major reputation overhaul over the past five years, emerging from the murky help desk basement into the mainstream. The mass adoption of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites, and the devices driving this, are hugely responsible.

Whether it’s a pointless but amusing app that makes your voice sound like you’re underwater, or the arguably more useful banking-on-the-move app, when octogenarians are...

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Intel focusing on enterprise app space #AppsWorld

Intel is using its Intel Developers Conference this year to push towards enterprise apps and engaging developer communities.

And according to the computing giant, this year will see huge leaps in the enterprise app space.

“We think 2013 is the year of the enterprise app,” writes Intel in an industry view, adding: “CIOs from most industries will be accelerating their efforts to expose their enterprises to the exciting mobile...

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CIOs must scrutinise the security of their cloud setup

Research from IT recruitment consultancy Robert Half Technology has brought up an all too familiar story – CIOs are not testing the security credentials of their cloud vendor.

The latest figures suggest that 55% of the CIOs surveyed haven't tested the security procedures that their cloud vendor provides, despite the threat of expensive retrospective action.

Similarly, recent research has revealed that fewer than half of CIOs test cloud security systems and procedures. At the same time, the survey,...

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Gartner survey examines CIO agenda in the enterprise

A global survey of CIOs by analyst house Gartner has revealed that mobile technology is forecast to be the most disruptive technology in the enterprise over the next 10 years.

The study, entitled ‘Hunting and Harvesting in a Digital World’ and produced by Gartner Executive Programs, polled over 2000 CIOs amounting to over $230bn (£143.6bn) in IT budgets. And according to the CIOs polled, mobile has a huge part to play in disrupting the current IT landscape.

It’s perhaps unsurprising,...

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Enterprise mobility fears keeping CIOs awake at night

The topic of mobility and mobile is everywhere these days, not just in our homes but in our offices and boardrooms too. Some great statistics, recently released by [x]cube labs, suggest that as many as 73% of the global enterprise workforce are mobile workers. This may sound a little high even fantastical but they split the workers into groupings of users which included “wannabes” or those who are not actually mobile but want the technology that goes...

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Service catalogue: Hero of the BYOD revolution

Service catalogues are increasingly becoming a more powerful tool to both enable and control the BYOD revolution.

Of course, the tech world is abuzz with the BYOD conversation.

What you don’t hear much of anymore, however, is discussion about whether BYOD will become the norm. Instead, there are conversations about how to integrate it into the workplace, how to handle security and what BYOD means for the future of the CIO and their IT teams.

I say use the

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Why innovation must shape the CIO agenda

Denise Montgomery, Research Director, Financial Services Technology, Asia-Pacific, Ovum

Leading and managing innovation in a cost-constrained environment, and managing the organizational change that accompanies it, is a core concern for CIOs across industries. Given the scale and speed of the digital revolution, approaches to innovation need to focus on addressing the challenge of disruption, rather than initiating process improvement. In this environment, mobility is viewed as the new canvas for IT, along with cloud,...

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