Analytics moving from customer to operations for competitive advantage


The move to get one over on the competition means organisations are increasingly moving towards the back end instead of customer facing roles for their analytics, argues Capgemini – but there is still a long way to go before universal business benefits are realised.

The findings appear in a study from Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute, which focuses on a survey of 600 operations executives across three continents.

The study puts organisations into four categories...

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2015 data breaches by the numbers: Still plenty of work to do


By Andrew Gertz, SafeNet

Do you want the good news or the bad news about 2015 data breaches? Truth be told, I’m a realist at heart — but one that wishes he could be an optimist – so let’s start with the good news.

The good

Based on the Breach Level Index (BLI), the total number of data records lost or stolen in 2015 actually decreased by 39% from 2014, the year of mega breaches.

While more...

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The ‘availability gap’: Enterprises struggling to do enough to meet user needs

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Enterprises continue to suffer from the ‘availability gap’ – the difference between what their IT teams can deliver and what their users demand – according to new research from Veeam Software.

The latest Veeam Availability Report shows that 84% of businesses have problems keeping up with user demand, up from 82% in 2014, which costs them up to $16 million per year in lost revenue and productivity. 82% of survey respondents say brand integrity suffers, while...

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Verizon warns of bigger, more frequent enterprise data breaches in 2016


Telco giant Verizon has sent out a gloomy warning: regardless of the doubling down on enterprise security, 2016 will see even more, even higher profile data breaches.

The company has released nine predictions for enterprise IT, and alongside the security snafu, Verizon also predicts a shift from the more traditional enterprise security methods to fit more with user need, leading to a more ‘common sense’ approach which will enable chief security officers to focus...

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AA partners with Trakm8 to offer remote monitoring to business customers

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Tramino)

Breakdown specialist AA has used Trakm8’s telematics offering for four years in order to slash costs and this has resulted in fuel savings of £1 million on an annual basis at the company. Now, AA is extending this collaboration by providing its business customers, who run fleets, with the same service, which will provide insight on fuel use, routes, and time taken to complete...

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Research reveals CIOs relying on intuition than data for big decisions


The role of the CIO has always been a high pressured one. But the majority of execs don’t help themselves by all too often relying on intuition and gut feel rather than data.

That’s the latest finding from research conducted by Colt. Of the 301 European senior technology decision makers questioned, more than two thirds (68%) of CIOs say they base high pressure decisions on instinct and experience more than any other factor. Despite that, three quarters (76%) admitted their...

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Why the digital revolution is creating data challenges for the NHS

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The digital revolution has created fundamental and irreversible changes to our way of life in terms of how we use technology such as tablets, smartphones and wearables. This is particularly true in the healthcare sector, where digitally enabled services are vital to realise those all-important costs savings as it heads to 2020.

Indeed, with government cuts being enforced onto an already stretched NHS, the healthcare sector needs to implement radical digital transformation strategies...

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Synchronoss and Goldman Sachs come together for enterprise mobility partnership


Cloud solutions provider Synchronoss Technologies has announced a new venture to develop mobile solutions leveraging technology from investment bank Goldman Sachs.

The move has come about with both parties expressing a significant market need and opportunity in mobile security. Goldman Sachs’ development team has already built Lagoon, a mobile app management (MAM) development framework built in a secure container designed to satisfy compliance requirements.

The venture also...

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Jasper hooks up with IBM for end to end IoT deployment

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First it was VMware; then it was Salesforce and SAP. Now IoT platform provider Jasper has announced an alliance with IBM to integrate its Control Center platform with the tech giant’s IoT Foundation.

The two firms will provide end to end IoT deployment, managing application development throughout the service lifecycle, as well as analytics and automation through IBM Bluemix and device, application ,and Control Center IoT service data through the IBM IoT...

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Enterprises still struggling to meet standards for data security and control


Two in three enterprises fail to meet best practice standards for data control while more than three quarters fail to mark sensitive data during the testing and development phase of a project, according to the latest research from Actifio and IDC.

The research, which has been published in a paper entitled ‘Common Gaps in Data Control: Identifying, Quantifying, and Solving Them Using Best Practices’, argues enterprises are struggling to keep track of their data being both...

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