Enterprise mobile security: A proactive approach to protecting data


For many people, the line between work and personal life is blurred.

When it comes to mobile devices, 80% of the workforce admits to using their devices for both business and private use, which means personal data and company data will naturally converge onto a single device. What’s becoming increasingly important, is how to protect the data stored on and being accessed from these devices to ensure mobile workforce security.

So how much are those corporate emails or family photos worth to...

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Enterprise compliance and productivity: Should emails have a keep by date?


A recent report by Radicati revealed that the number of business emails sent and received per user per day in 2015 was 122 and predicted that this will rise to 126 by 2019. That is a lot of emails and a lot of data. Add to that the growing trend for workers to store information in email inboxes, rather than saving down on file, and it has led lots of businesses and developers to...

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Salesforce makes third acquisition of the year with data entry automation startup


Salesforce appears to be gunning for data driven software startups in 2016 as it makes its third acquisition in a few months.

Earlier this year, the company acquired open source machine learning server PredictionIO.

More recently, it also took on artificial learning startup MetaMind, which had been funded by Salesforce CEO Marc Benitoff.

Founder Richard Socher wrote he was “thrilled” the company had been...

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IT feels overworked and undervalued, according to new research

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Stop us if you’re heard this one before – a new survey from computing accessories provider Kensington has revealed IT professionals feel on the whole overworked and undervalued in their organisations.

One in three (32%) IT decision makers polled say they spend more time reacting to problems in the workplace than developing their IT strategy, while IT pros spend on average 44% of their working day fixing issues. Key frustrations cited by the survey respondents include a lack...

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Samsung KNOX recognised by Gartner as “strongest” mobile security platform


Good news for Samsung’s mobile enterprise efforts; the company’s KNOX product has been recognised by analyst house Gartner with the most ‘strong’ ratings in its latest mobile security report.

The report, which was published earlier this month, examined core OS security features as well as the enterprise management side, and found KNOX to be at the top of the file for corporate managed security, as well as in more specific categories such as...

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A real life guide to protecting sensitive data in an IoT world


I attended the 2016 RSA Security Conference in San Francisco earlier this month.  On the first day of the conference, the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) presented a half-day seminar entitled “Securing the IoT with Trusted Computing”. There were panels with industry leaders and demonstrations of IoT in action. Much of the focus of the discussions was on the vulnerabilities in the IoT and how trust might support better security. Naturally the TCG’s TPM (Trusted...

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Analytics moving from customer to operations for competitive advantage


The move to get one over on the competition means organisations are increasingly moving towards the back end instead of customer facing roles for their analytics, argues Capgemini – but there is still a long way to go before universal business benefits are realised.

The findings appear in a study from Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute, which focuses on a survey of 600 operations executives across three continents.

The study puts organisations into four categories...

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2015 data breaches by the numbers: Still plenty of work to do


By Andrew Gertz, SafeNet

Do you want the good news or the bad news about 2015 data breaches? Truth be told, I’m a realist at heart — but one that wishes he could be an optimist – so let’s start with the good news.

The good

Based on the Breach Level Index (BLI), the total number of data records lost or stolen in 2015 actually decreased by 39% from 2014, the year of mega breaches.

While more...

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The ‘availability gap’: Enterprises struggling to do enough to meet user needs

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Enterprises continue to suffer from the ‘availability gap’ – the difference between what their IT teams can deliver and what their users demand – according to new research from Veeam Software.

The latest Veeam Availability Report shows that 84% of businesses have problems keeping up with user demand, up from 82% in 2014, which costs them up to $16 million per year in lost revenue and productivity. 82% of survey respondents say brand integrity suffers, while...

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Verizon warns of bigger, more frequent enterprise data breaches in 2016


Telco giant Verizon has sent out a gloomy warning: regardless of the doubling down on enterprise security, 2016 will see even more, even higher profile data breaches.

The company has released nine predictions for enterprise IT, and alongside the security snafu, Verizon also predicts a shift from the more traditional enterprise security methods to fit more with user need, leading to a more ‘common sense’ approach which will enable chief security officers to focus...

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